Branch In-depth Review

Branch app is owned by a fintech company known as Branch International. The firm operates in many regions, including Kenya. Here is it's in-depth review.

Would you like to get a mobile loan? Branch is a popular choice for many prospective borrowers. It’s been around for several years and enjoys a good presence. It accounts for a big portion of the ever-growing borrowers, with current statistics showing about 67.7 million mobile money account holders in the country. These are the summarized details.

  • 1.7%-17.6% monthly interest.
  • No late or rollover fees.
  • Start saving now and grow your money easily on your phone with interest rates of over 6%* p.a.
  • Ksh 250-100,000 Loan amounts.
  • Credit scoring through repayment history.

This article will shed more light on how to get registering for the service, owners of the facility, how to download the app, branch loan application online, making repayments, interest rate, branch loan contacts, and much more.

Who/What is Branch?

Branch loan customer care

Branch is a mobile money lending app. It allows registered owners of mobile phones to get loans. The facility is digital and is available around the clock.

A prospective borrower doesn’t need to visit a physical office to access credit. All that a person does is use an app.

Credit is given to users who are 18 years and over, own a mobile phone and have a good credit rating.

The loan is unsecured meaning no collateral or security is necessary. The covid-19 pandemic saw an increase in the uptake of mobile loans, and Branch played a key role.

Who owns Branch Loan App?

Branch app is owned by a fintech company known as Branch International. The firm operates in many regions, including Kenya, San Francisco (US), Tanzania, Nigeria, and India.

The service provider’s goal is to allow mobile owners and users to access short-term credit. It seeks to fill up the gap left by financial institutions or people who lack traditional bank accounts.

The loan amounts range from Kshs 250-100,000, and the repayment period varies from 30 days/ 1 month up to180 days (6 months).

According to the latest statistics, branch loan app downloads exceed 10 million. This makes it among the top mobile money lenders in the region.

How to check branch loan balance.

How to Register For Branch.

Interested borrowers apply for a loan via the Branch app. However, you need to first register for the service.

It’s available at Google Play Store and works with android phones. It supports Android version 4.1 or higher.

The application is also very compact, requiring just 6.6MB. This means it won’t take up too much storage or memory.

Also, the download is fast and easy. The latest data shows that the app enjoys more than 10 million downloads. It’s a free app, and the download and installation process is as follows:

  • Have an Android smartphone
  • Ensure you have access to the internet
  • Visit Google Play Store
  • Search for branch app
  • Download and install the app

NB: when using an Aptoide website or app, you will need to download the branch loan app apk.

At the moment, there is no branch loan app for iPhone since the service doesn’t support IOS or Apple phone users. Also, it only works with Safaricom and not Airtel or Telkom.

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Branch loan interest rates and repayment

A successful borrower gets the amount requested instantly. Everything happens via the Branch Loan app download, and the money is sent via Mpesa to the registered phone line/ SIM card.

The amount that is given ranges from Kshs 500 to Kshs 100,000. And since the firm focuses on an individual’s credit rating, the higher the score, the more likely a borrower will get a higher value.

Also, repeat borrowers who don’t default on repayments enjoy higher branch loan limits.

The repayments period ranges from 4 to 52 weeks. A borrower can repay an earlier amount and then take another loan immediately. Branch loan interest rates start from 17% to 35% (1.7 to 1.75% monthly).

There is no penalty or extra fee charged for rolling over a loan. Also, no security/ collateral is required.

How to apply for a branch loan

How Branch works!

The following are necessary steps for borrowing:

  • Open the Branch loan application
  • Several “loan amount” options will popup
  • Select the most suitable option
  • Choose the repayment terms
  • Activate the ‘Request this loan’ tab
  • Go through the details (principal amount, interest rate, monthly rate, and total repayable amount
  • If satisfied, select okay
  • Confirm the final amount receivable via Mpesa
  • Press ‘Apply’ and wait for an Mpesa confirmation message · Another confirmation message from Branch will pop up after the funds have been disbursed.

How to pay branch loan

Branch loan payment is made via the app. You’ll need to use the same sim card/ phone number you registered with. If you want to understand how to pay branch loan, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the Mpesa option in the Safaricom menu
  • Pick Lipa na Mpesa option
  • Select Paybill option
  • Input branch loan Paybill number 998608
  • Enter your Mpesa phone number in the account option
  • Input the amount you are paying
  • Key in Mpesa PIN and send

You will receive confirmation messages from both Branch and Safaricom/Mpesa stating the transaction.


To qualify for a higher loan amount or increase your branch loan limit, it’s vital to do the following:

  • Increase Mpesa transactions
  • Request for loans frequently
  • Ensure you pay on time without any delays
  • Make certain your credit rating is high


Branch Kenya has its headquarters in Westlands, Nairobi. The physical office is located at Reliable Towers, 10th floor, on 11 Mogotio Road, off Chiromo Lane. You can get in touch with the technical support or representatives via the app through chat.

On average, a chat session will last for about 10 to 30 minutes. Branch loan contacts Kenya include phone number +254711995555, email @  or website @ Branch is also accessible via social media handles, including Twitter and Facebook.