20 best mobile loan apps in Kenya offering quick instant loans in 2022

Mobile money has become the go-to resource for individuals in Kenya looking for quick loans. Here are 20 best mobile loan apps in Kenya offering quick instant loans.

Mobile money has become the go-to resource for individuals in Kenya looking for quick loans. The latest market statistics show that many people opt for mobile money lending apps rather than dealing with traditional banks and other financial institutions.

They operate digitally through a mobile platform and this enables users to apply and also access the funds instantly via mobile money transfer services such as Mpesa, Airtel money, or Telkom cash. The following are the 20 best mobile loan apps in Kenya offering quick instant loans in 2022:

  • Tunzi/ Utunzi – Best mobile loan apps without crb
  • KashPlus, Branch -Best mobile loan apps without registration fee
  • Timiza – Best mobile loan apps for android and iOS
  • HF Whizz -Best mobile loan apps for iPhone
  • Saida -Best mobile loan apps Kenya for Mpesa and Airtel Money
Berry loan app

1. Berry loan app

Berry stands out as one of the low-cost mobile loan apps in the country. The firm offers loans ranging from Kshs 50 up to Kshs 50,000. Berry interest rates start from 8% with 15% being the maximum.

The registration process is straightforward and it takes less than 5 minutes. A prospective borrower needs to have an android phone with an active Safaricom Mpesa line. The next step is to visit Google Play Store, download, and install the app.

Tala loan apps

2. Tala loan apps

Tala offers personal unsecured loans to Kenyans with a registered Safaricom line. It’s a digital platform and relies on a person’s credit history to determine the loan limit.

The loan amount ranges from Kshs 1000 to 50,000 and is disbursed through Mpesa. Repaying a loan is done via Tala Paybill number 851900.

Tala is accessible from Google Play Store and targets people with android phones. At the moment, it does not have mobile loan apps for iPhone users.

Mshwari by Safaricom

 3. Mshwari by Safaricom

Besides being one of the popular mobile Mshwari, M-Shwari is also among the most user-friendly platform.

Besides offering loans, it also allows users to save through its platform. The mobile loan service offers loans ranging from Kshs 100 up to Kshs 50,000.

The monthly interest rate is 7.5% and the interest rate earned on savings varies from 3% to 6%. The higher the amount the greater the interest.

KCB M-Pesa

4. KCB M-Pesa

Search for the bests mobile loan apps Kenya and KCB Mpesa is most likely to pop up. It’s jointly owned by Safaricom and KCB bank, Kenya.

The service is accessible via the M-Pesa menu. A user can use either the Mpesa app or Safaricom SIM toolkit.

Loan amounts vary from Kshs 50 to Kshs 1 million, and the interest rate is 8.6% per month. By allowing a borrower to top up an existing loan, KCB M-Pesa appeals to more people.


5. Timiza loan app

Timiza app is from ABSA Kenya, previously Barclays Bank Kenya. The digital lender offers loans ranging from Kshs 50 up to Kshs 100,000.

The monthly interest rate is 1.083% and there is a 5% facilitation fee. ABSA Timiza app also offers other banking services including savings via Zidisha, insurance, bill payment, and airtime purchase.

Registration and loan application is through the Timiza app from Google Play Store or USSD code *848#.

Branch Loan App

6. Branch Loan App

Branch is among the best mobile loan apps without registration fee. The app is available on Google Play Store and works with android phones. The credit is from as low as Kshs 250 and the maximum is Kshs 70,000.

It’s easy to download, install, and use. The credit is approved within 2 hours and the funds are sent to the Mpesa line. It has no penalty or late charges, no hidden fee, and also no rollover charge.

Shika loan app

7. Shika loan app

 Shika loan app provides emergency loans. In addition, it also supports SMS service, delivers the latest news that covers sports, politics, and entertainment.

Using Shika is easy and also supports other mobile money lending platforms. As a OneStop shop, you have access to other service providers.

iPesa loan app

8. iPesa loan app

Providing loans ranging from Kshs. 500 to 50,000, iPesa offers emergency loans to mobile phone users.

The repayment tenor is between 91 days and 180 days, giving borrowers more time to repay the loan.

It charges no service fee and the interest rate is currently 12%. Downloading the app and registration is easy. It however works with M-Pesa number only.

Zenka loan app

9. Zenka loan app

Zenka features in the list of mobile loan apps in Kenya due to offering the first loan without charging interest or service free. Interest is chargeable after 61 days have elapsed.

It also has a flexible repayment period and allows a user to access additional credit before completing repaying the earlier one.

The app is downloadable from Google Play Store or their website. The application form is basic and easy to use. Within five minutes of applying for credit, you’ll get the amount on your phone.

Zidisha loan app

10. Zidisha loan app

Zidisha suits android phone users and the app is accessible Google Play Store. Downloading it is fast and easy just like registration. It’s an online portal that brings lenders and borrowers together.

Unlike most other alternatives, it uses a non-profit peer-to-peer platform. The loan doesn’t come from Zidisha but an independent lender and not the organization itself.

It targets employed and business owners who have a Safaricom line, are active on Facebook, have good credit history, and possess a national ID.

11. Okash loan app

Okash makes it to the list of mobile loan apps in Kenya 2022. The app offers personal and business credit too. The maximum amount is Kshs. 60,000 and the average interest rate is about 14%.

The app works with android phones and is downloaded from Google Play Store. It’s easy to install, register and also use.

Jazika loan app

12. Jazika loan app

Searching for the best mobile loan apps without crb? Jazika has you sorted. To be eligible for a loan, you only need to have a registered Safaricom M-Pesa line. No credit history checks.

The registration entails filling out a basic application form online and thereafter waiting for feedback.

Applying for a loan also follows a similar format. A unique aspect about Jazika is that you have the option of paying a bulk sum or in installments via paybill number 687035.

Tunzi loan apps in Kenya

13. Tunzi loan apps in Kenya

If you are searching for mobile loan apps without crb then Tunzi is ideal. Formerly known as Utunzi, the credit app offers emergency loans to people without relying on their credit history.

The mobile money platform is available from the Google Play store and works via Safaricom M-Pesa.

The loans start from Kshs 300 and the maximum is Kshs 1,000,000. The repayment period starts from 91 days and 36 months is the maximum tenor.

A facilitation fee of 12% is charged and the interest rate is 12%. It also attracts a yearly account management fee of Kshs 400.

Kopakash Loan App

14. Kopakash Loan App

Kopakash ranks amongst the best mobile loan apps in Kenya. The registration and loan application is done via an android phone and the funds are instantly channeled via Mpesa or a bank account.

The loan amount begins from Ksh.1000 and the maximum is Kshs 25,000. The minimum repayment tenor is 91 days while 120 days is the maximum.

HF Whizz Loan app

15. HF Whizz Loan app

HF Whizz targets people who desire mobile loan apps for iPhones. It’s accessible via IOS and Android phones.

The credit app is offered by HF (Housing Finance) bank and ranks as one of the reliable and trustworthy mobile money lending apps in Kenya. You download the application from Apple Store or Google Play store.

In addition to offering emergency loans, HF Whizz also supports other financial services including money transfer, bill payment, and airtime purchase.

To minimize the risk of imputing the wrong paybill number, the app allows users to repay the loan directly.

Saida Loan app

16. Saida Loan app

 Saida is among the best mobile loan apps for android and iOS. Unlike most other options that work with Safaricom Mpesa only, the credit app also supports Airtel money.

This makes it a go-to choice for many users. The provider looks at a variety of things to ascertain a user’s credibility as well as eligibility.

These include M-Pesa and Airtel Money transactions, credit history, social media activity, and more. After approval, the loan is channeled through the mobile phone within a short time.

Haraka loan app

17. Haraka loan app

Haraka is a Swahili name depicting quickness. It’s known to offer quick emergency loans. After the loan application is approved, you’ll have the funds on your phone within minutes.

The mobile money loan app provides nano-credits to individuals after verifying their Facebook profiles. The app is available on Google Play Store and works with android phones.

M Co-op cash loan app

18. MCo-op cash loan app

MCo-op cash is offered by Co-operative Bank, one of the top banks in Kenya. A user can get loans of up to Kshs 200,000 or 2.5 times the net salary. By scrutinizing a user’s profile, the provider can ascertain the loan limit.

The mobile application is unique from other options in that it also offers other banking services. These include bill payment, money transfer, and deposit.

A pesa loan app

19. Apesa loan app

Apesa mobile loan app Kenya allows Kenyans to borrow up to Kshs 50,000. The registration and loan application process are straightforward.

A registered user can apply for a loan immediately after registering. Upon successful application and approval, it will be disbursed instantly to the user’s phone.

Kash Plus

20. KashPlus

 If you want mobile loan apps without registration fee, KashPlus is ideal. The emergency loan app targets android phone owners/ users and is available from Google Play Store.

The loan amounts range from Kshs 2,000 to Kshs 50,000 and the monthly interest rate is 1.3% while annually its 16%. The repayment period starts from 91 to 365 days.


Above is the list of mobile loan apps in Kenya in 2022. They stand out from the rest because of easy registration and use, quick credit disbursement, competitive interest rates, and flexible repayment periods.

As you can see, finding mobile loan apps without crb checks is hard. As a potential borrower, it’s therefore essential that you maintain a good credit history and also pay back any existing loans promptly to have better loan limits.