How Fiverr is Making Africans rich: A Guide to earning money online in 2022

Can you make money on Fiverr? Of course! The article will show you how you can make money from Fiverr doing simple tasks that you enjoy.
Working on Fiverr from home
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Can you make money on Fiverr? Like many other people looking for ways to make money, you’ve probably asked yourself or someone this question. I mean, who doesn’t want to make an extra income.

More importantly, who doesn’t want to make money from anywhere without worrying about commuting, being trapped at a work desk, or enduring a boring job. The following article will show you how it’s possible to make money from Fiverr. Also, we will shed light on ways to earn money and some of the top categories/niches.

What we will discuss:

  • What is Fiverr?
  • How Does Fiverr Operate?
  • How do you start on Fiverr?
  • How Much does it Cost?
  • – Top 10 Gigs for Making Money on Fiverr
  • Tips on How to Get More Jobs and Sales on Fiverr
  • – Making money on Fiverr – The Pros & Cons
  • Conclusion
What is Fiverr?

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace owned by an Israeli firm and its headquarters are in Tel Aviv. It offers a platform for freelancers to sell their services.

You find all kinds of jobs or gigs. They range from online writing, SEO, music, graphic design, copywriting, virtual Assistant, web design, and much more.

Launched in 2010, Fiverr is a well-known freelance marketplace. According to backlinko, Fiverr has more than 3.42 million buyers and has processed over $699.3 million in merchandise as of 2020. The annual revenue was $189.51 million (2020), and it has more than 500 categories.

The term ‘Fiverr’ is derived from the number 5(five). This platform allows its users to sell services for $5.

However, this is no longer the case. You’ll discover many services selling for way more. Don’t be surprised to see individuals selling their services for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

This online marketplace offers gigs or micro tasks in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian. It’s free to join, and all the necessary information is available on the website.

As a freelancer, you can start selling your services immediately. You’ll find numerous gigs/ small jobs as a client or requester.

How does Fiverr operate

How Does Fiverr Operate?

Knowing how Fiver works helps to make money from the online platform. You don’t want to waste time and effort and then realize that it’s not suitable for you, or do you?

The online service helps freelancers to sell their services. This may be designing logos, creating a website, offering SEO (search engine optimization), legal services, HR, virtual assignee, writing, or other services.

For Sellers

If you have a great skill, special talent, or want to monetize your hobby, Fiverr is a good starting point. From here, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Create a nice portfolio that matches your skill or talent
  • Sell your service, attach a price
  • Wait for a requester to reach out to you


Have a complete profile that captures everything about you and what you offer. This increases the chances of you standing out from the competition.

For Buyers

Do you have a small task or simple job that you want to complete quickly? At Fiverr, you get many freelancers willing and waiting for your job/task request. You need to match the task requirements to the profile of the freelancer. Afterward, you contact the service provider and agree on the terms, price, deadline, and more.

The steps are as follows:

  • Register with Fiverr as a buyer or requester
  • Create an account and fund it.
  • Go through the seller profiles and choose the most suitable work.
  • Contact the seller and agree on the way forward.


Looking at the seller’s profile, you’ll see the number of tasks done, completion rate, star ratings, region, proficiency, and more. With this information, settling for a suitable candidate becomes easier.

How do you start on Fiverr?

How do you start on Fiverr?

Can a beginner make money on Fiverr? Whether a newbie or an avid user, Fiverr provides a good avenue to making money. As a freelancer, you are not limited by geography, location, or time. Nevertheless, it’s important to know how to begin to avoid time-wasting. The steps are as follows:

Following the right strategy saves you time, effort, and speedup moneymaking.

  • Visit the Fiverr website
  • Create an account
  • Register by filling in your details and information (name, email, location
  • Create an account
  • You’ll receive an email with the confirmation link
  • Confirm the link/account, and start browsing

Create a Profile

As a seller, you should create an alluring profile. A potential client will go through the portfolio to know if you are the best fit. A good profile will display your skills, experience, buyer history, and more. Try to sell yourself in the best possible way.

Create a Gig

With the profile set, the next step is creating a gig. This is the job service or description you are offering to prospective buyers. Include the gig type, the rate, and requirements.


Rather than just sitting back and waiting for a client to find you, you may take a more proactive approach.

Go through the job order/ dashboard and find a request that you can handle. Reach out to the client and convince them that you can handle the job request.

cost of fiverr

How Much does it Cost?

Fiverr doesn’t charge a dime to create an account. A seller can create and register an account. Selling the service is also free.

While creating an account is free, a buyer pays an administration fee and an upfront cost for a gig. The fee depends on the amount. For example, gigs below $40 cost $2 while those above $40 cost 5%. A buyer will pay $2 for a $10 blog article upfront.

A seller receives payment once the gig is done and approved by the buyer. You get 80% of the total agreed value, while Fiverr keeps 20%. For a $10 article, you get $8 while Fiver keeps $2.

making money on fiverr

Top 10 Gigs for Making Money on Fiverr

Like many other prospective freelancers, you wonder what sells best on Fiverr. You’ll find all types of jobs on Fiverr jobs. The following are some of the popular categories:

1. Website Development- $100 to $2,000 per gig

Web development flat concept with gradients. Website construct, prototyping and programming template. UI UX designer workplace 3d composition, front end development company vector illustration.

It’s one of the highest-paid gigs owing to its popularity. The tasks include coding, website concept, and more. Sellers look for people who can work on WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and related platforms.

2. Graphic Design -$10 to $1,000 per gig

The concept of a copywriter creating a blog. The idea of ​​writing texts, creativity and promotion, remote work. Freelance work. Text post on the Internet.

It’s another popular niche, and you find 11,000 plus gigs. The project focuses on designing logos, T-shirts, business cards, and more.

3. Copywriting – $50 to $2,000 per gig

Are you good with words? Fiverr will compensate you for copywriting or writing blog articles, e-books, product reviews, and more.

4. Video Marketing – $100 to $10,000 per gig

The demand for video marketing is always rising. Aspiring directors, content creators, social media marketers (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) look for short animations, training videos, and advertisements. If you have the skill and talent, then Fiverr is worth checking out.

5. Translation -$100 to $1,000 per gig

You can make extra money by translating documents from one language to another. Good proficiency and accuracy are what you need.

Additionally, you can also teach a user a new language. The more languages you are conversant with, the better.

6. Social Media Marketing – $50 to $2,000 per gig

Social media marketing services are in high demand. Clients constantly look for ways to boost traffic, grow audience, ad campaigns creation, audience research, and more. Making money on Fiver shouldn’t be hard if you possess such skills.

7. Influencer Marketing- $10 to $1,000 per gig

It’s no secret that social influencers constantly look for ways to handle, manage, and engage their audience. However, many lack the time, skill, or experience. They will gladly pay you to do the tasks on their behalf.

8. Voice Overs -$10 – $500 per gig

Have you been told you have a nice voice? You can add flavor or uniqueness to a voice with voice-over gigs. Clients look for a deep bass sound, British accent, American accent, funny voice, and more.

9. Illustration – $10 to $300 per gig

If you love or have a talent for drawing caricatures or comics, you can make extra cash from Fiverr. 

Clients look for well-drawn cartoons, characters, or even port traits.

10. Virtual Assistant- $5 to $100 per gig

As a virtual assistant, you are paid for organizing and managing schedules. It may entail setting appointments, scheduling meetings, cold calling, data entry, and more. Moreover, you never leave the comfort of your home. Virtual assistant jobs at Fiverr are quite many.

Tips on How to Get More Jobs and Sales on Fiverr

Fiverr is, without a doubt, one of the top freelancing sites. You’ll find thousands of job requisitions.

However, you may be getting few jobs or low pay without a proper plan. The following are tips to increasing sales and revenue from Fiver:

Create a Good Profile- make the profile detailed and descriptive

 A buyer gets the first impression of you via the profile. Studies show that adding a video increases an order request by 200%.


Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies make you stand out from the crowd. User-friendly and easy-to-read titles are more appreciated.

They also should be descriptive of the service you offer. For example, a title like; “I will write compelling travel articles for your blog” is more appealing than travel writer or blogger. Don’t forget to use the long-tail keywords several times.

Use Fiverr App

A Fiverr app helps you keep abreast with job orders even while on the road. You’ll get notifications as well as replies to clients in time. Timely feedback helps in getting repeat clients. It even motivates a requester to give you a higher rating.

Go the extra mile

A client may want a logo. Nevertheless, you may go the extra step and customize it to suit the business. Adding a business card design is a plus. Offering multi options helps to market your skills.

Just because you are paid, just $5 doesn’t mean you should offer the very basic minimum.

Aim for 5 Stars

It doesn’t matter if it’s a very simple gig or paying very low. It would help if you always targeted a 5-star rating. Ways of doing this include:

  1. Timely completion of gigs
  2. Delivering top-notch service
  3. Being readily available
  4. Constant and friendly communication
  5. Levelling Up

As a seller, you’ll begin as a “New Seller” which is the lowest tier. Your goal should be to achieve the highest-rank “Top Rated Seller”, which comes with higher pay and more benefits. You’ll only get to this point if you:

  • Complete as many gigs as possible
  • Maintain a high 5-star rating
  • Having a positive response rate
  • Consistency and timely delivery of work

Making money on Fiverr – The Pros & Cons


  • More Freedom: you work when you want with minimal client supervise
  • Your own boss: you don’t answer to anyone or follow a specific work schedule
  • Guaranteed of Payment: all buyers pay upfront
  • Good Upselling and marketing: Buyers can promote services of the buyer
  • Beginner-friendly 
  • Easy to sign up and costs nothing. Many simple jobs are available
  • Work with Different requesters: you aren’t limited to a single client; hence easy to expand your services


  • Fiverr Commission: there is a 20% commission charge on both buyer and seller.
  • High competition: many freelancers lead to high competition.
  • Low price: other alternative freelance sites are offering better pricing.


In the above article, we have looked at how to make money from Fiverr, starting, ways of increasing your sales, the advantages, disadvantages, and more. By using this article as your guide, making money and increasing your sales will be easier and less stressful. We trust that you are now ready to start making money on Fiverr.