10 Job Websites in Kenya

With an increasing jobless youth in Kenya, connecting employers to a talented workforce is not easy. Job websites are connecting job seekers and employers more conveniently.

Finding a job is never easy. With an increasing jobless youth in Kenya, connecting employers to a talented workforce is not easy. Job websites are connecting job seekers and employers easily.

The current unemployment rate stands at 7.02%, according to these findings. Career companies are using online platforms to connect job seekers with potential employers.

The best sites are abuzz with job openings that can make you land your dream job. Gone are the days when people would walk around town dropping off papers seeking employment.

An overview of best job websites in Kenya

Firstly, let’s take a look at the top Job websites where people can find employees or work. The websites are easy and have loads of vacancies for job seekers. Kenyans can easily apply to join this sites and land their dream job.

Brighter Monday

Brighter Monday has been around for the longest time. It is also one of the giants in the job search space. Kenyans and foreigners can sign up and get daily alerts in their emails.

The jobs are well-organized according to their niches, and a job seeker can subscribe to alerts that match particular niches.

Top companies and other unique employers post several vacancies that one can watch out for every day. Additionally, there is an app for a refined experience.

The jobs are well-organized according to their niches


Originally started in Uganda, Fuzu is another hub for Kenyan job seekers. They post the latest jobs from top employers in the region.

The company operates in four countries Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia. They also offer training to people who want to add more skills to their CV.

Here people can enjoy learning, thousands of jobs, and career advice from their blog. Fuzu helps most of their clientele by offering support to try and bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. For a personalized experience login to the site for Kenya jobs.

Career point

Career point Kenya offers job adverts and CV writing services, among others. They also have career coaching services to help anyone looking to ace an interview with helpful tips. Job seekers can find sample CVs and cover letters guiding how to write and format yours.

They also have a writing service to aid people who need a professional CV. People can subscribe to their mailing list for online jobs.

They also have career coaching services to help anyone looking to ace an interview with helpful tips

My Job Mag

My job mag has been helping more people find job openings. Anyone looking to make a career change or even get started can subscribe to their email list. They also post the same job ads on their social media.

Also, they have training services for needed skills. If you want a resume to revamp, use their CV builder for a simple CV that can help you in the job search.

Jobweb Kenya

Jobweb Kenya is a simple site that gives updates on current jobs in Kenya. On their site, people can find the latest jobs from top companies. There are no extra services other than job postings and applications from employees.

Notably, everything is orderly, and the site is easy to navigate. All categories are serving almost all industries seeking to hire.

The star classified

The star classifieds is a site where people can find jobs and other classifieds. The site also has the latest sports, health, and business news. They cover many industries and categorize their ads according to the job location.

They are easy to find through the web. People can find government jobs like jobs in Public Service Commission and the Teacher’s Service Commission.

Kenya Moja

Kenya Moja is a platform where people can post their CVs and get connections to jobs. There are no subscriptions required to access jobs at Kenya Moja.

All people have to do is get ready to land an interview after their CVs go live on their website. The website also has links to stream live TV for popular local channels.

Duma Works

Duma Works is a laid-back site where anyone signing up must follow the prompts to get into their system. The site ideally makes matches for employers looking to make ideal hires.

The site works perfectly for anyone that can describe what they want and their exact skills and experience.

Duma also has a screening service that tests and ascertains skills and recommends favorite candidates for the jobs. Employers do not have to sift through thousands of applications to find the right candidate.


Jobrapido is a simple job website. Seekers can find all kinds of jobs on the site. The jobs are in various categories, and searchers can narrow them down to particular provinces or states. Jobrapido offers a quicker way to access my jobs in Kenya.

Career Jet

Career jet compiles jobs from different websites and circulates them for job seekers. Seekers do not have to visit several sites separately to access job openings.

Consequently, the site covers a variety of jobs. It is hard to miss any opening on their website like PSC jobs and many more.


Job websites have made job search easy. Several more websites are offering to connect people to reliable jobs.

Also, people can exploit more job searching techniques to find jobs. Online platforms like social media are a fast way to showcase skills and land roles. Places like LinkedIn have helped many people launch successful careers.

Also, through blogs and online resources, people can learn endlessly about careers and necessary skills in the current and future job market.