How to Download and Save Instagram Stories

Learn how to download Instagram stories before their 24-hour lifespan elapses.

How do you download Instagram stories before their 24-hour lifespan diminishes? This article explores how to save/download Instagram stories on different Instagram download apps. 

Archive in the Instagram app

Ways of Downloading Instagram stories on iPhones

Saving Stories in web-based apps

Create and share it as a post

Save Instagram Stories in Highlights

#1 Archive in the Instagram app

The Archive functionality is an in-app setting. Once enabled, it automatically saves all the Instagram stories you create.

Archive in the Instagram app

How to enable the Archive option

1. Open your Instagram app. Then tap on the profile icon.

2. In the main menu, look for the Settings option and tap on it.

3. Under the Account section, find and enable the Archive option by toggling its switch to On. On iOS, activate Save to Camera Roll.

All your IG stories will be saved automatically in the “archive” folder on Instagram. Hence, you can view them by tapping on “archive” on your profile. One benefit of the option is the possibility of future re-use.

Open your Instagram app and find the Settings.

How to access and view archived stories

  • Open your Instagram app and find the Settings.
  • Select the Archive option
  • When the Archive screen appears, you’ll see all your stories organized by date.

#2 Downloading Instagram stories on iPhones

Instagram story downloads are not limited to Android users only. iOS users can save stories to their Camera Roll. Alternatively, you may manually download Instagram stories. You can follow these steps to save a specific story:

  • Click on your active story
  • Click on the three dots. Select “Save”
  • Save Photo/Video saves an individual video or photo stories. Save Story saves the entire story in a single video.
  • Your story is saved in the gallery. You will receive a vertical video in the file format.

Each Instagram story download must happen after it goes live. You can also share them with other people who do not use Instagram. Thus, this method is time-consuming. 

#3 Saving Stories in web-based apps

Saving Instagram stories does not necessarily dictate you to download Instagram apps. You can as well save them in web-based apps. EmbedStories is a good example. Such professional tools are ideal for automatic Instagram story downloads.

You can use web-based apps on your Instagram Story downloader as follows:

  • Link your Facebook account to the web-based app.
  • Allow the system access to your IG accounts.
  • Tap ‘Select source’ from where to get IG stories.
  • Check the ‘My Stories’ section for the active story.

Henceforth, you can easily embed them in sliders and widgets on your website. The tool also fetches and saves the stories every time you post.

Benefits of Web-based apps

  • Saves/downloads all Instagram story contents.
  • Creates a collection for multiple Instagram story downloads
  • Enables displaying and embedding IG stories on user websites
  • Create unique web widgets and story sliders. These features have unique embeddable codes.
  • Enables saving and archiving IG stories from various accounts.
  • It saves time and money to fetch and analyze stories. It is also instrumental for future re-use or re-post.

#4 Create and share it as a post

The easiest way of saving IG stories is to share them as a post. Your account keeps your IG stories in the account after you’ve shared them.

To share an IG story as a post:

  • View the active story
  • Tap on the three dots and click Save
  • Choose “Share as Post”

The story shows up in your Instagram feed. Other IG users can view it like any other IG post.

#5 Save Instagram Stories in Highlights

‘Highlights’ is the most recent Instagram stories upgrade. The feature allows you to make themed highlights. It enables saving and sharing noteworthy stories/posts. Users can now add highlights to their Instagram profiles after stories have vanished. This feature works like Pinterest boards. Hence, the highlight section is also visible to other people.

Steps to saving Instagram stories in Highlights

  • Open the currently active story or go to Your Archive and choose a previously saved story.
  • Select the Highlight icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • ‘Add new’ or select any Highlight category.

Whenever you post a new story on Instagram, your narrative will appear in the Highlight below your personal information on your profile page.

Alternatively, you can create a Highlight category as follows:

  • Tap on the + icon below your profile info in Stories Highlights
  • Choose the archived story you intend to add to the highlights. Click Next.
  • Add a highlight by selecting a cover photo and creating a story name.
  • You can always click ‘Edit Highlight’ to add more content to your highlight.

Benefits of the highlights section to your business

  • Post and story categories are conveniently available.
  • Select individual goods or collections to display.
  • Customer testimonials highlights
  • You can add a Highlight section with your business FAQs

Steps to save several Highlight clips in a single video

  • Select a Highlight from your profile
  • Swipe up on the people photos in the bottom left corner. You can also tap the people images.
  • Select the ‘Download’ icon.

Th Highlight option is already included in the standard Instagram download app. It converts several highlight clips into a single video. The vertical video is saved on your Camera Roll.

Embedding Instagram stories Highlights on User’s Website

Platforms like EmbedStories allow you to organize Instagram stories easily. The generated stories are arranged in clusters comparable to Instagram Highlights. This is achievable without downloading the highlights. The feature generates a code for your website.

Closing Thoughts

Hundreds of Instagram download apps emerge every day. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about losing your stories. These methods make Instagram story downloads fun. You may also want to download other people’s Instagram stories. Unfortunately, while several Instagram downloader apps exist, Instagram doesn’t have an official option for this. Hence, you can try:

  1. Instagram Story saver: The Play Store and Apple Store have various Instagram download apps. They can help fetch your internet friend’s IG stories. However, it may still be a challenge to download Instagram stories from private accounts.
  2. To take a screenshot: This only works for photos. Taking videos may require using a video capture app. Instagram also notifies the users when you take a screenshot of their stories.