How to Open E-Citizen Account for a Company

E-citizen is a platform that allows citizens to transact with the government in a secure and safe environment online. Kenyans who access the services from their digital devices can comfortably meet their needs without queuing at Huduma Centre.

Launched in 2017 by the ICT Authority of  Kenya, as part of efforts to transform Kenya into a digitally inclusive society, you can now register a company using the E-citizen portal through your mobile phones or personal computers. 

Prior to this, registering a company in Kenya was a strenuous process that not only required patience, but also an utmost faith in humility and perseverance. Company registration was done at the Registrar of Companies in Kenya where you submitted a name search to check the availability of the company name you want to register. This would take up to 3 days if it went smoothly. 

The name search process was later decentralized to Huduma centers, where clients experienced delays due to no real-time feedback between Huduma Centres and the Registrar of Companies offices.

After this, you would be required to pay a stamp duty whose fee depended on the value of your company’s share per capita. This would ideally take a week to process. Then you would now pay the company registration fee and submit all the required documents to the office of the registrar, then wait for the registration certificate. 

Since there would be a lot of documents to be signed, you would wait indefinitely to be awarded the certificate.

E-citizen platform changed the process; expediting it and making it less strenuous. The platform allows you to access your records from any location anytime without physically visiting any government agency or office. It ensures faster response time, saving time for citizens and government officials involved in the process of registering a company.

Getting Started On E-Citizen

To use the service, you must create an account by providing your National Identity Card number and full name. Go to the E-citizen website and click Register. Then select which account suits you.

For Kenyans, you can validate your ID number by providing your first name as it appears on your Identity card. For non-residents, you can create an e-citizen account for foreign residents. To access e-citizen services and register your business, you must create an e-citizen account.

Once your ID is validated, you can proceed to provide your details, such as email address and phone number, and create a password for your account. Agree to the Ts & Cs, then click continue.

To finish the registration process, you will have to verify your email address phone number and provide a photo. Once registered as an E-citizen, you can use many government services online, including approving or rejecting tax declarations, receiving documents digitally, and other applications for permits and licenses.

Registering for Private Limited Company Business in Kenya Using E-Citizen

Now that you have an E-citizen account, you can register your business and get business permits. To make the process smooth and easy, we have highlighted the STEPS below:

  1. Log in to the portal, and click on the Business Registration Service button from the various options. Press make the application icon
  2. Choose the company type.

There are more than six categories: private limited company, public limited company, a company limited by guarantee, limited liability company, a foreign company, and sole proprietorship. Select Private Limited Company.

  1. Choose your business name, then submit it for a name search. This is to check whether the chosen name is already registered. This process takes a day.
  1. Fill in the Applicant’s details.

This includes the basic information about the company, the company’s name and type, the start date, number of employees, and expected turnover. You will also be required to provide the company’s Articles of Association.  The contact slot is mandatory and should be filled accurately. 

  1. Specify the Location addresses of the business. Save and Continue.
  1. Enter the share capital of your business. Save and continue.
  1. Provide information about your shareholders and directors.
  2. Provide the owner’s details.
  3. Finally, submit copies of all documents relating to your company’s formation. 
  4. The registration phase is finalized by making a payment of Ksh. 10,650 via the eCitizen portal.

Registration Charges

The registration of a business name costs 950/=, while the registration of a limited liability partnership costs 25,000/=

The registration of a private limited company costs 10,650/=, while the registration of a public limited company costs the same. 

You will be offered a certificate of incorporation upon completion of your registration.

 How to Make Payments on the E-Citizen Portal

Here are some steps on how to make payments on the eCitizen portal:

1.  Download the mobile app

2.  Sign up and create an account

3.  Use your username and password to log in

4.  Search for a service provider and select a service you want to carry out

5. You will get a prompt on making payments after or during the service.


To register your company in Kenya, you must provide the following documents.

  1. A completed registration form CR1 (available for download on the portal).
  2. Statement of capital.
  3. Memorandum and article of association.
  4. Scanned copies of I.D. card or passport, KRA PIN certificate, and recent colored passport photographs. The directors/shareholders have to be registered on the iTax platform.
  5. Physical residential address of directors.
  6. Business registration fee of Ksh 10,650

E-citizen Kenya offers the individual or organization the opportunity to cut time and costs by submitting applications or forms to government agencies online, reducing the need to visit land offices. We hope you find this article on registering a private limited company on E-citizen useful. For more information and guides, kindly check out their official website at –