Best Books Every Budding Stock Market Investor Should Read

The stock market scene may seem like a maze for a first-time investor, but upskilling will always keep you ahead of your counterparts and boost your success rates. These books on stock market investing will help you achieve just that.

The greatest hurdle to learning how to invest successfully is figuring out where to start. The stock market and finances are mostly daunting in their complexity, and anyone just starting out in stock market trading may find the entire affair confusing.

But investing doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. 

In fact, as you’ll learn from most of the investment books in this guide, simple investment strategies have a higher success rate. But you first have to know about them.

With a handy book and a consistent reading culture, you shouldn’t get lost. There are numerous books on stock market investing, but those that matter are only a few selected ones that you can depend on for your upskilling.

In this guide, you’ll learn the importance of a reading culture and the best books that offer crucial skills to flourish in the competitive stock market.

Booming Stock Market Investors Are Ardent Readers

Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett have commented multiple times about how reading widely can help one achieve investment success, and their view is correct.

According to Munger, the wisest personalities over a broad subject area read all the time. Of course, there are many shrewd ones who can still do well in limited-scope ventures without reading. But stock market investing is broad, so you must read all the time to be good at it.

Warren also shared the same sentiments in a past interview. When asked how he succeeded, the investment guru lifted a sheaf of papers and said, “Read 500 such pages daily. Knowledge builds up like that, like compound interest.”

But this talent is underappreciated in today’s investment scene. We flock to meetings and seminars to learn how to analyze markets and pick stocks using pictures and charts, yet fail to gain insight into what determines the price fluctuations.

You have to get your nose in a book to stay ahead of the rest. Emancipate yourself from the short-term-oriented society where sound bites and video games have replaced learning and studying to a shockingly massive degree.

With this in mind, it’s time to explore the best reads for budding entrepreneurs seeking to make it big in stock market investment.

An Overview of the Stock Market Investing Books for Beginners

There’s a wide range of stock market investing books that you can count on to upskill, but you can’t consume them all at once. The best approach is to focus on the must-have publications for every stock market investor.

Here are the best books to start you off:

The Intelligent Investor – Best Overall

If you’ll only read one book about stock market investing, make sure you go with “The Intelligent Investor.” This book takes you through the scene in the eyes of Warren Buffett’s college professor, Benjamin Graham. The title was originally released in 1949 and is still the single best stock market investment publication to hit the shelves.

Generally, the book sounds a bit dense. But its vast concepts will help you align with Benjamin’s popular value investing philosophy. It insists on finding long-term strategies to solidify and secure your portfolio as others trade and take big risks. To find successful investments, you’ll have to evaluate the company’s financial performance or fundamentals over market swings.

The book has remained the go-to resource for those looking for long-term success through the ups and downs of the stock market.

Market Wizards – Most Insightful Content

The book “Market Wizards” lets you learn about stock market investments from experts. In essence, it’s a collation of the world’s leading traders’ success secrets compiled by author Jack Schwager. The author interviewed several superstar profit-earners across financial markets, including Paul Tudor Jones, Richard Dennis, Bruce Kovner, and more, to get valuable insights.

The interview-style book sets out what separates top investors from their unsuccessful counterparts. The author also condenses their responses into specific principles to apply in your stock trading career. You’ll also come across numerous anecdotes, including one about an investor who made $80 million from $30,000.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street – The Best Conceptual

The Wall Street classic’s updated version sheds light on important stock market investing concepts, such as derivatives, emerging market investments, exchange-traded funds, and more. Princeton economist Burton Malkiel defines and popularizes the “random walk hypothesis” throughout the book.

In essence, the theory states that it’s impossible to beat the markets consistently, so it’s more appropriate to establish a balanced portfolio matching market performance. The concept also supports the efficient-market theory.

The book’s fundamental concepts include fundamental and technical analysis, the viability of managed mutual funds, and other tried and tested investment theories.

A Beginner’s Guide to The Stock Market – Best Beginners’ Guidebook

As the title suggests, the book guides new stock market investors on how to begin making money. A Beginner’s Guide to The Stock Market comprehensively covers everything a newbie needs to know.

Retired hedge fund manager and author Matthew Kratter walks readers through basic, up-to-date lessons to help you succeed, including:

  • The most appropriate places to open up a brokerage account
  • How you’ll purchase your first stock
  • Most lucrative approaches to trading momentum stocks, and more.

He also shares the most common mistakes that young investors make, so it helps to get your copy before you trade or buy your first stocks. The book packs more than 20 years of insight, and you’ll learn how stock markets work globally, and you can begin cashing in right away.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – Best Publication on Index Funds

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing’s updated tenth-anniversary edition was released in 2017. This is another publication standard on the bookshelves of armchair and professional investors running their accounts from the comfort of their homes.

In this book, you’ll learn about index funds, one of the most commonly used investment strategies effective for accounts investors run on their own and employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

John C. Bogle, the author, believes that the best option for stock market investors is to rely on low-cost index funds and leans on other successful industry players to prove his case. But his concepts go beyond academia – Bogle is the retired CEO and founder of the reputable investment management firm Vanguard.

One Up On Wall Street – Best Biography

Authored by the brainchild behind “Beating the Street,” another insightful investment publication, “One Up On Wall Street” by Peter Lynch is a go-to for stock market investors seeking to draw on their knowledge and common sense to make intelligent investment decisions.

The reputable author managed Fidelity’s prestigious Magellan Fund between 1977 and 1990, delivering an average annual return of 29.2 percent – more than two times the same period’s S&P 500. Thanks to his investment success, the fund swelled to $14 billion in assets from the $18 million he found when he took over. Young and experienced players in the stocks industry draw many lessons from this book, which they implement in their investment accounts.

Moreover, the author is an advocate of long-term approaches to investment. He’s a proponent of investing in entities with a vivid investment power and focusing on what you know best. From workplace products and tools to supermarket shelves, you might probably know the next big thing. And Lynch encourages you to put your money behind the opportunity.

How to Make Money in Stocks – Best Skill-Building Book

William J. O’Neil uses How to Make Money in Stocks to showcase his CANSLIM Inventing System. The seven-step guide to maximizing gains with the lowest risk offers a winning system that stock market investors can leverage in good and bad times.

You can trust O’Neil’s guidelines, as “How to Make Money in Stocks” is based on a 100-year evaluation of stock market winners and has helped over two million investors win.

The book’s expanded version offers proven ways to identify potentially successful stocks, alongside tips on finding the best mutual funds and ETFs. It also takes you through the 21 most common mistakes investors make and how to avoid them. All these insights should make you a wise investor in stocks.

Irrational Exuberance – Best Coverage of the Housing Market

Robert Shiller is such a well-respected and popular economist that there’s an index named after him. The Nobel Prize winner predicted the housing and tech bubbles, and readers globally refer to his text to better understand how bubbles happen.

Understanding market cycles and bubbles and creating a well-designed investment plan can help you beat the hurdles and avoid the most significant pitfalls within the boom and bust cycle. According to the author, all asset markets, including the stock market, face the risk of psychologically-driven volatility.

Irrational Exuberance’s updated edition includes an overview of the housing, stock, and bond markets to help you identify an incoming bubble and prepare before the ultimate burst.

Verdict: The Best Books for Stock Market Investing

Generally, all the books in the above list can help you advance your journey as a stock market investor. The Intelligent Investor is the best overall, while Market Wizards offers the most insightful information. Third on the list is Random Walk Down Wall Street, which is an ideal choice if you want the best conceptual book.

Don’t limit yourself to the books on this list alone. Instead, they should serve as your foundation as you plan to dig deeper into the stock market investing scene. So spread your wings and acquire as much knowledge as possible to stay competitive in the dynamic industry.