Uber Connect: Everything You Need to Know

Uber Connect was recently launched in the country, and individual customers, businesses, and e-commerce agencies have a lot to smile about. Here’s all you need to know about the service.
Uber Connect was recently launched in the country, and individual customers, businesses, and e-commerce agencies have a lot to smile about. Here’s all you need to know about the service.

Uber, the leading rideshare company, recently announced a new delivery service in their catalog–Uber Connect. The new offering will deliver packages using motorcycles to ensure clients enjoy same-day courier services.

Thanks to this new solution, small and medium-sized businesses and individual clients can transport small boxes and larger items or make multiple deliveries in just a few taps.

The service also entails proof of delivery via PIN, and users will be assured that their packages land in the right hands. This enables ease of reference, particularly where multiple deliveries are involved.

What Is Uber Connect?

Uber Connect is a straightforward, no-contact, same-day delivery service that lets people and businesses send items. Whether a gift for a loved one’s birthday, a care package for a friend, a product you sold on your online store, or a crucial business document, the experienced riders have got you covered.

The service also allows independent Kenyan riders to receive customer parcel delivery requests via the Uber app. As such, they enjoy an alternative opportunity to make extra cash besides what they earn through Uber Boda. Now, they can easily pick up and transport parcels to your designated drop-off location.

Uber Connect is a perfect shopping alternative for consumers, unlocking numerous possibilities above and beyond catching a ride or food delivery. The service makes local deliveries of different types of goods especially simple since it doesn’t require the use of shipping labels or extended 72-hour waits before your parcel reaches its destination.

All you need to do is pack your items well and securely, open the Uber app, hit Uber Connect, and wait for the rider. When they’re finally at your pick-up location, you’ll hand the package to them and expect the delivery to happen on the same day, mostly in less than half an hour.

How to Use Uber Connect

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Before you can use Uber Connect, you must download the Android or iOS app and sign in. You probably have the app on your device already. If so, follow these prompts:

  •  Begin by preparing the package you’re delivering to make it as secure as possible.
  •  Open the Uber app, select Connect, agree to the terms and conditions, and then confirm that your package doesn’t contain prohibited items.
  •  Request a delivery via the smartphone app
  •  You’ll receive a message notification requesting essential details like the recipient’s name, alongside any special delivery requirements. Fill in the required information while paying attention to your needs.
  •  Stay patient, and the rider will arrive at your curbside in no time. When they arrive, you’ll load the package in their carrier.
  • Finally, you’ll contact the recipient to inform them that they should meet the rider shortly to retrieve the package.   
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If the rider arrives at the drop-off location and doesn’t find them after over five minutes, they’ll contact you. You’re expected to either request them to return the package to your site or accept in writing that they leave it at a specific location.

What Can You Pack?

There are limits to what you can deliver through Uber Connect. You can only deliver a package that meets these requirements:

  • Doesn’t contain prohibited items (check out the list of forbidden items below)
  • It should have a per-trip combined value of Ksh. 5,300 and a maximum weight of 15 kg.
  •  Must fit comfortably in your vehicle’s trunk.
  • Closed and securely sealed, ready for delivery

On the other hand, you cannot package some items for delivery via Uber Connect Kenya. These include:

  •  Weapons, ammunition, firearms, and their components
  •  Highly perishable beverages and food
  •  Regulated species and livestock, or animal parts, fluids, or blood
  •  Tobacco products, drug paraphernalia, or recreational drugs
  • Stolen property
  •  Sexual aids or obscene material
  •  Hazardous goods, excluding household cleaning products
  •  Fragile items
  •  Jewels and other items of intrinsic value like precious stones
  •  Animals and people
  • Alcohol (liquor, wine, or beer)
  •  Illegal items
  •   Gift cards, money, transferable securities, lottery tickets, travelers’ cheques, and coins.
  • Securities payable to bearer, e.g., silver, platinum, or gold

Notably, this list of prohibited stuff isn’t exhaustive. The company retains the discretion to deny other items that aren’t included on the above list.

Also, the rider can cancel the trip anytime, including if your package doesn’t meet the guidelines or contains prohibited items. They can also contact law enforcement officials if they discover that your delivery holds illegal items.

How Fast are Uber Connect Deliveries?

The primary factors which determine how long it takes for your package to reach its destination include:

  •  Distance
  •  Package size
  •  Amount of traffic

However, most deliveries within the city are possible within half an hour or so, which is way better than most delivery services in town.


When you deliver a package using Uber Connect, you’ll have the same experience as hopping into their taxi and transporting the item to a colleague across town. But with this service, you won’t even move a finger, since the rider will do all that for you!

This makes the provision ideal for last-minute deliveries to family, friends, business partners, and workmates, particularly if time constraints or illness make it impossible to make the journey yourself.

How Much Are Uber Connect Rates?

The cost of an Uber Connect delivery service is at the same level as its “Uber Boda” counterpart. But what you’ll pay varies based on several factors. Below, you’ll learn the primary principles that contribute to the cost.

Upfront Pricing

First, it’s essential to know that Uber Connect has no hidden costs, so you’ll see the cost of your delivery even before you approve the service. This upfront pricing system will compute the total package transportation charges, and you’ll accept it or decline it if you don’t think it’s favorable.

The system calculates the cost by factoring in the base charge of Ksh. 55, a distance rate of Ksh. 14 for every kilometer and a Shilling per minute on the road. However, you must pay the minimum amount regardless of any other factors. Another tiny caveat is that you’ll pay something extra if you make the rider wait longer than two minutes.  

Besides the weight cap of 15 kg, Uber Connect Kenya doesn’t cover the transport of packages worth above Ksh. 5,300 since the company doesn’t offer insurance coverage for parcels.

Why Uber Connect Stands Out from Traditional Package Delivery Services?

One of the principal outstanding features that attract many clients to Uber Connect is the same-day delivery service that takes less than 30 minutes in most cases. Provided the items you’re transporting are within the confines of Uber’s terms; you’ll enjoy immense benefits such as:

  • On-demand package delivery
  • Contactless delivery, especially if you’re operating an ecommerce store
  • The driver delivers the items on your behalf from your preferred pick-up location to the drop-off spot.
  • The process of booking a delivery is as simple as requesting a ride.
  •  The tracking feature lets you watch your package as it makes its way to the intended destination, and you’ll receive a notification upon delivery.

This calls for an important question: Is Uber Connect worth it for the rider?

Well, while this futuristic launch is exciting for individual users and SMEs, riders are also expected to enjoy several benefits from the Uber Connect driver app. This is primarily a new mode of income in the current challenging economic times, and there are more opportunities that come with being busier.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Connect Kenya

Although you already have a clue about the convenience you’ll get when shipping packages through Uber Connect, you may have several questions. 

Here are the most frequent questions regarding the Uber Connect app:

Can You Send Food Via Uber Connect?

No. You cannot send food using Uber Connect. Instead, you can have a driver deliver food on your behalf through the Uber Eats app.

What Does Uber Connect Deliver?

Uber Connect riders can deliver almost every type of package. However, the company prohibits several items as already described in the upper section. Furthermore, the package you want the rider to deliver should not be worth over Ksh. 5,300, and the maximum eight shouldn’t go beyond 15 kg. Finally, you must seal and secure the items you wish to deliver ahead of the rider’s arrival.

Does The Uber Connect Rider Pick Up Packages for Their Customers?

Yes. Uber Connect Kenya is a registered package delivery service. The company expects clients to meet their riders curbside so that they don’t have to struggle to look for parking. But if there’s a problem with doing this, you should inform the driver in the special instructions section of the app. Here, you’ll clearly point out to the rider where they can safely park and find you.

Does Uber Connect “Deliver” Passengers?

No. Uber Connect doesn’t ship human beings. The service only allows riders to deliver packages.

Parting Shot

The unveiling of Uber Connect delivery services in Kenya comes as good news for people, brick-and-mortar businesses, ecommerce stores, and other agencies that rely on fast and affordable deliveries, thanks to its convenience, reliability, and same-day delivery policy. So if you constantly struggle to find a trusted delivery for your regular package dispatches, you have the solution right inside your smartphone, on the Uber app.


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