This Is How TikTok Plans To Kick Youtube Out of Business

TikTok’s new service, SoundOn, helps creatives excel in their respective fields by enhancing their distribution and marketing efforts. Read on to find out why it’s the next big thing.

Peter McPoland started out in 2020 as a virtually new songwriter and singer, holding a modest following and a small catalog to his name. He earned little recognition from a few small gigs as a high school band member until he started posting his music on TikTok.

His boy-next-door demeanor and rich folk vocals rapidly gravitated audiences towards him, earning him more fans with each new post. In about six months, he could rack up likes and views in millions on the platform.

The star’s career seems unstoppable with a constantly growing fan base and headline tours lining up. The force driving all these accomplishments is TikTok. And with SoundOn, their new marketing and distribution service, the social networking site is set to kick the most popular streaming platforms out of business.

A Social Networking Platform Changing the Music Industry

There’s no doubt that the popular video-sharing and social network has turned the entertainment scene industry on its head, especially in music. The site reported that major music labels signed over 70 artists that broke from the platform, including Interscope, Columbia, Republic Records, and others.  

Besides McPoland, artists like Ella Jane, 24kGoldn, Frances Forever, Claire Rosinkranz, and Ritt Momney emerged as promising industry novices from viral tunes on TikTok.

Since its launch, the site’s popularity has grown tremendously. It was Apple Store’s most downloaded video and photo app in October 2018 and currently boasts over 500 million monthly users. In the US alone, the app has been downloaded more than 80 million times.

The site’s ever-growing popularity is directly attributed to its impact on the music scene. Generally, TikTok has transformed the industry in the following ways:

  • Use of music
  • Localized content
  • Discovering unknown artists
  • Simplified content handling

Apart from these immense benefits, TikTok’s new service, SoundOn, is set to draw the attention of content creators globally.

SoundOn for Distributing and Marketing Content

Earlier this year, the giant social networking site launched SoundOn. The music distribution and marketing platform is good news for artists as they can directly upload their content to TikTok and Resso, the company’s streaming service.

Moreover, they can distribute their music to Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital service providers (DSPs) thanks to the collaboration between SoundOn and Tunecore.

Musicians retain their full royalties from Resso and TikTok. But for the other DSPs, you’ll earn 100% royalties in the first year and then 90% afterward. In essence, your only cost will be giving up the 10% in royalties every year.

SoundOn as a Distributor

From a pure distribution view, SoundOn is almost similar to most other music-sharing platforms, apart from the ability to upload to Resso and TikTok directly. But this isn’t really special, as artists can do it via other distributors.

It’s true to state that SoundOn is simply Tunecore, but with a different royalty model and cost. 

Normally, you’ll pay a standard fee for all releases, then keep 100% royalties indefinitely with Tunecore. But SoundOn doesn’t charge you upfront, but your royalty rate will shift to 90% after the first year.

SoundOn as a TikTok Marketing Platform

SoundOn’s offerings to music enthusiasts shine here. The platform has much to offer in promoting your music on social networking sites. These include:

Promotional Support

When you release content via SoundOn, TikTok’s creator marketing team will activate vast creators to use your track in their videos.

Profile Verification

Creators that use SoundOn will get the blue checkmark provided their accounts align with the site’s community guidelines.

Support from The Artist Team

Insights from professionals can help you reach far, and SoundOn offers that in the form of expert guidance and audience insight and development.

Consideration for SoundOn Plus Program

Content creators can be selected for the exclusive A&R (Artists & Repertoire) service that’s meant to elevate their careers to the next level.

Editorial Placements

Once you submit your music via SoundOn, you’d be considered for Resso and TikTok editorial placement opportunities.

Creator Marketing Tools

Lastly, creators can leverage SoundOn’s in-site and self-serve creator marketing tools.

Most content creators wouldn’t mind the 10 percent cut on their total annual royalties with all these offerings.  

Other Outstanding Video Creation and Streaming Features of TikTok 

The revolutionary mobile app is so popular thanks to the following features:

  • Easy registration – It’s possible to register on TikTok using traditional SMS or e-mail methods, but you can use the relatively simple social media network process. Moreover, it’s possible to enjoy TikTok videos without registering, but unregistered users are blocked from commenting, liking, or reacting.
  • Video feed – TikTok’s news feed algorithms rotate the content in real-time, and users can watch content from different parts of the world. You can also limit your feed to some hashtags or specific locations. Over time, the app learns your preferences, hence increasingly personalizing your feed.
  • Search options – Apart from searching by hashtag or location, users can also do so based on the name of the song the user used in their content.
  • Content creation – The platform empowers content creators to create and edit short videos on the run. But you can also pick one that’s ready and edit it to your preference. You can also upload and edit content from your device.
  • Live streaming events – Much like Facebook Live or Instagram Live, the platform lets you freshen up interactions with your followers.
  • Reactions recording – The trend where somebody sits and records their reaction to an artist’s song was already blossoming on YouTube. However, TikTok simplifies it by providing special options for the responses.
  • Monetization – Just like YouTube, TikTok allows one to earn from their content if their channels gain popularity.
  • Social network features – Besides its immense music and video creation features, TikTok also has numerous social media features. For instance, its in-built messaging system lets you distribute your content to other social networks.
  • Analytics – A content creator doesn’t need a business account to monitor their channel’s progress. All users can easily access the analytics page to see the most liked content and adjust your content strategy appropriately to meet the audience’s appetite.

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, TikTok is just a single manifestation of the more significant digital creativity trends as it becomes increasingly participatory and democratized. Even if the site were to be banned today, it has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Through its SoundOn service, the platform has demonstrated a new viable approach to music creation and promotion, thus pushing forward the evolution of different forms of media.

From the look of things, the platform will soon topple other popular music streaming sites out of business.