KPLC Postpaid: Everything You Need to Know

Unlike the prepaid (token) metering system, most KPLC customers aren't familiar with the company's postpaid metering. But this guide will take you through all you need to know.

KPLC (Kenya Power and Lighting Company) is almost the sole seller and distributor of electricity to millions of homes in the country. The company offers two categories of electricity metering and charging; postpaid and prepaid.

While the latter is more popular and most people are familiar with it, many still don’t know much about postpaid electricity. Still, you may encounter houses or premises that rely on the older metering.

This detailed guide will take you through the process of checking your KPLC postpaid bill and the different methods of paying your balance conveniently. Moreover, you’ll learn how to change your Kenya Power postpaid meter to a prepaid token system.

How to Check Your KPLC Postpaid Bill

Unlike the prepaid meter that displays your current outstanding KPLC balance, postpaid systems require a little more effort to check your balance. Fortunately, you can use the following fast and convenient methods to check your balance.

How to Check Postpaid KPLC Bill Online

This is arguably among the most reliable methods of conducting a KPLC postpaid bill inquiry. Getting your KPLC balance online is convenient, and you also get real-time statistics.

The method is also simple. All you have to do is visit the Kenya Power and Lighting Company online portal, then key in the first section of your KPLC account number within the “Account Name” box. Once done, click submit.

Notably, you must enter the correct account number and then follow the proper procedure of sending the message. If you follow the correct instructions, you’ll receive an automatic response stating your account balance details.

Besides the web, you can also use the KPLC iOS or Android applications to conveniently check your electricity bill online. Despite the introduction of KPLC eBill services, you’ll continue receiving your detailed electricity bill via your postal address.  

How to Check KPLC Postpaid Balance Via Email Service

It’s also possible to get insight into your electricity bill via the eBill email service, which sends the information straight to your email mailbox. This method is not only convenient, but it also helps you keep an account of your long-term power consumption.

Of course, you need internet connectivity to successfully perform the KPLC electricity bill inquiry. You’ll then follow these steps:

  1. Open your email account, then create a new email.
  2. The email’s subject field should comprise the first section of your KPLC account number. For instance, if your KPLC postpaid meter number is 96554-02, you’re supposed to enter 879833 as the account number.
  3. Leave the area where you’re supposed to type your message blank, then send the empty email to

Once done, you’ll receive an automated response from KPLC stating your account balance details and payment due date.

Checking your Electricity Bill Via SMS

No worries if you don’t have an internet connection or use a “Mulika Mwizi.” It’s possible to check your KPLC balance via the SMS service. This method works for any cellular network in the country, and you’ll pay a standard rate of Ksh. 5 for this service.

Generally, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Open your phone’s messages section, then create a new SMS
  2. Use 95551 as the message recipient number
  3. In the message field, you’ll key in the first digits of your KPLC account number, as explained in the previous step.
  4. Once done, hit the Send button
  5. You’ll receive an automatic SMS reply stating your precise account balance details.

Remember to enter the correct details. Any small mistake (including a single number error) could lead to a wrong bill, or you’ll not receive the notification text.

How to Pay Your KPLC Postpaid Bill

After determining how much you owe, the next step should be to pay the amount due. Fortunately, those using the Postpaid KPLC service have different options for settling their energy bills.

Let’s explore the fastest, most common methods:

Paying Your KPLC Electricity Bill with Airtel Money (Airtel)

You can conveniently pay for your electricity via the Airtel Money service if you own an Airtel line. You’ll simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your Sim tool kit, then click on the Airtel menu.
  2. Choose Airtel Money
  3. Tap on Make Payments
  4. Hit the Paybill option
  5. You’ll choose the Kenya Power Bill option to pay your postpaid bill. The other alternative, Kenya Power Prepaid, is meant for purchasing tokens.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  7. Key in your secret PIN to your Airtel Money account
  8. In the reference section, you’ll enter your full KPLC account number (both the first and the second parts)
  9. Verify that the details are correct
  10. Hit OK

Once you’re done with these steps, you’ll receive an SMS confirming the payment. But the bill payment transaction will be updated after 24 hours. 

How to Pay KPLC Postpaid Bill Via Mpesa

Do you have some cash in your Mpesa account that you wish to use to cover your energy bills? Worry not. Most Kenyans use Safaricom’s Mpesa service to make their KPLC payments. The steps are simple, and they involve:

  1. Open your Mpesa menu, choose Lipa Na Mpesa, then select the Pay Bill option.
  2. Enter the KPLC postpaid paybill number: 888 888
  3. Key in your Kenya Power account number (only the first section)
  4. Type the amount you wish to pay for your electricity bill. The amount you’ll pay should range between Ksh. 100 and Ksh. 35,000.
  5. Insert your PIN
  6. Verify whether you’ve inserted the correct details via Mpesa Hakikisha. If there’s an error, you can cancel the transaction by sending any letter or number. But if the details are all correct, just hit Cancel.

Once done, your mobile service provider will send you an SMS confirmation of the transaction.

Paying Your Electricity Bill with Equitel (Sim Tool Kit)

Most people with money in their Equity Bank accounts use the traditional way of transferring the cash to their Safaricom and Airtel lines before facilitating the bill payment transaction. But you can avoid transferring money between multiple agencies and pay your bill straight from your Equitel line. 

The simple steps include:

  1. Open your Equitel menu, then hit the Eazzy Pay option.
  2. Choose Pay Bill via Eazzy Pay
  3. Select the bank account number that you wish to pay from
  4. Enter KPLC Bills as the postpaid business number
  5. Accurately key in your KPLC meter number
  6. Insert the amount you wish to pay. You can pay as low as Ksh. 100 and as high as Ksh. 500,000.
  7. Insert your Equitel PIN, then hit the OK button
  8. Verify the correctness of the details inserted by pressing 1, then OK.

After completing the above steps, you’ll receive an SMS confirmation of your bill transaction from Equity Bank. 

Safaricom Bonga Points

Bonga Points have always come through for Safaricom users who need airtime and data but lack the funds for these services. The mobile service company has now teamed up with KPLC to make it even easier to clear their bills.

You’ll simply follow this process:

  1. Dial the USSD code *126# on your phone
  2. Select the Paybill option
  3. Enter 888 888 as the business number
  4. Key in the meter or account number
  5. Insert the amount you wish to pay
  6. Verify your payment details
  7. Complete the transaction by entering your Mpesa PIN

Once done, Safaricom will send a confirmation SMS to your phone. You’ll also receive a text message from KPLC notifying you of the receipt and current balance.

Over-The-Counter Payments

You also have the option of paying your KPLC postpaid bill over the counter by cash. This transaction is possible at any Equity Bank branch in the country, and any payment you make will reflect in your account on the exact day.

Cash Payment

If you can access an official Kenya Power premises, you can simply make your cash payment here. These authorized pay points are usually within official KPLC offices, and the paying counters are clearly marked with the word CASHIER.

ATM Payments

Standard Chartered Bank, Postbank, and Co-Operative Bank customers can also pay their power bills via the respective banks’ ATMs.  

Cheque Payments

You may deposit your cheque in a designated box in Kenya Power pay centers and at specific premises officially selected to serve as KPLC drop-off points.


Furthermore, Co-Op bank customers can use the M-Banking service to pay their bills. You must be a registered client at the bank eligible for the service. Also, you must have registered your KPLC account number with the bank.

Changing From Postpaid To Prepaid KPLC

Kenya Power launched its prepaid meters installation in 2009, and consumers can now move from legacy meters to the advanced system. The difference between prepaid and postpaid KPLC is that the former relieves you from reconnection charges and late payment penalties.

There are two ways to make the shift: in person or online.

Applying In Person

For this process, you must visit the nearest KPLC official premises or the Kenya Power desk at any Huduma Centre. You’ll then follow these steps:

  1. Submit Your Application
  2. Applying for a prepaid meter entails the following steps:
  3. Filling in the relevant documents
  4. Indicating the service you need by ticking the “Prepaid” option.
  5. Completing and sighting a supply contract
  6. Attaching the relevant documents

KPLC site visit

Once Kenya Power approves your application, technicians will visit you for a compliance inspection. They’ll also estimate the installation cost. This happens within eight days of applying.

Estimate payment

Next, you’ll pay the technician’s quoted amount and then present your receipts to initiate the connection.


External works will commence, and the process will take up to 75 days. Generally, you’ll have a prepaid meter installed on your gauge box alongside a Customer Interface Unit for entering the token top-up code.

Online Application

Applying online will save you the commute to the KPLC offices or Huduma Center. You’ll follow the following simple steps:

  1. Open the Kenya Power self-service portal
  2. Click on “New Supply Application”
  3. Submit the required details
  4. Attach all the necessary documents
  5. Accept the terms and conditions

Once done, a KPLC representative will review your application and then inform you about the visit by Kenya Power technicians, who’ll assess your space and give estimates. You’ll initiate the installation by making the payments.