How to Get Verified On Tinder in 2022

A Tinder verification tick isn't a status symbol, but a sign of credibility that could earn you more matches. Here's how you can verify your profile and earn potential matches' trust.

Tinder’s global user base has drastically increased over the last few years. The popular dating platform has lived up to its expectations: helping singles find suitable dating partners to hang out with.

But with this immense increase in users comes the threat of fake accounts. If you’ve used the platform, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a profile that seems fake. They’re mostly highlighted with professional pictures but lack responses.

So Tinder created the user account verification service to beat this challenge and protect genuine users from the risks of dealing with fake accounts.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get verified on Tinder and the essence of taking this crucial step. 

What Is Tinder Verification?

Tinder’s account verification feature helps users verify their profiles on the platform by taking a selfie and proving that they’re really who they claim. It’s only available in specific countries, but the social network intends to roll it out globally eventually.

Verification has been introduced alongside other safety updates like the panic button. You can use this to identify catfish accounts and block any malicious activity that doesn’t use an accurate Tinder profile.

From now on, as more users get verified on the giant social platform, it’ll be difficult for anyone to use a fake profile, upload another person’s photographs, or use any other way to fake their Tinder profile.  

How to Get Verified on Tinder

Ideally, every user will be uploading their selfies for verification on Tinder. The platform requires users to pose at an angle to verify their identity via face recognition. Once you’re verified, the site will display a blue tick beside your name.

The basic requirements for Tinder verification are a stable internet connection and an active account. Before you start the process, you must ensure that you’ve approved the permission for your device to access your camera for the process, then go through the following steps:

  • Open your Tinder profile on your Android or iOS device. All the submitted information will be visible in the profile icon
  • Tap on the gray circle with a tick next to your name and age. You’ll see a “Get Verified” pop-up with a “Continue” button. Click on it to proceed with Tinder verification.
  • The app will request you to emulate a specific pose, take a selfie, and upload the picture.
  • Confirm that your photograph matches the required pose, then click “Submit for Review.”
  • Conclude the process by repeating the last two steps.

Once you’re done uploading your picture, you’ll wait for 2-3 working days for the social networking site to process your verification request and accept or decline it. Tinder will notify you regarding the process completion, and a blue tick will appear on your profile.

Verified users enjoy additional benefits like enhanced matches and credibility. Any user interacting with you will be confident that they’re interacting with a genuine person.

But besides knowing how to verify your Tinder account, it’s also essential to learn how the process works.

How Does Tinder Verification Work?

Tinder’s verification process has two major components: facial and pose verifications. The above steps will guide you on what you must do to complete both parts. Once you’ve passed them, your account will be verified, and you’ll see the blue checkmark on your profile.

The site compares users’ profile pictures and selfies using advanced facial recognition technology and human effort.

Moreover, the site keeps users’ selfies and profile pictures to make it easier for them to verify their profiles in future. Only the underlying facial recognition details will be deleted, but you can still contact the site’s support team if you want to delete your selfies.

A Verified Profile Will Likely Get You More Matches

Running a verified Tinder account boosts your credibility and is likely to earn you up to three times more matches. Here’s why:

Generally, ladies are more vulnerable than their male counterparts and often fall victim to all types of creeps. While men also face the same, it’s way less often.

This makes women wary of this single element a lot more: Trust. So they consider a person with a blue checkmark a safer choice.

That said, a blue mark doesn’t guarantee that the Tinder account user is actually who they say they are. Their name, profession, age, and other crucial details could all be baloney. But one vital advantage of a verified profile is that you meet the same individual as in the pictures. 

In the expansive online dating scene where there’s no one to vouch for your match, it’s the verification badge that gives your match the confidence that they can safely swipe you right. If you play your cards right, they’ll be more confident meeting you in person.

Is Verified On Tinder a Scam or Legit?

The Tinder verified status is legitimate because the support team will decide whether the profile in question is just a bot account or isn’t catfishing. Of course, not everything you see on a person’s Tinder profile is entirely real. 

While you may be assured that the person you are messaging is the one you’re seeing on the profile pictures of the specific account. So even if Tinder verifies a profile, every other section of their profile can be a total scam. False name, fake education, and work information, wrong age, etc. So be always skeptical.

Fortunately, you can ascertain that you’re not talking to a creep by leveraging the new video call feature known as Tinder Face to Face.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tinder Verification

Is Tinder’s Blue Checkmark Only Available For Celebrities?

No, not anymore. Initially, Tinder used to work like Instagram, where only those who are somewhat famous receive the blue tick on their profile. But this doesn’t happen anymore. You’ll get the blue tick by just proving that you’re really you.

Why Can’t I Verify My Profile Photo?

Tinder profile verification is only available in select locations. Most likely, the service is yet to be launched in your country.

Does Tinder Store My Selfie After Verification?

Yes, the platform keeps it so you can use it later to verify your tinder profile. However, the selfie won’t display on your profile, and you can request the support team to remove it.

Is Tinder’s Verification Worth It?

Hell yeah, it is worth getting verified on the giant social networking platform. With all the catfish and fake profiles out there, the blue mark will boost your credibility, helping you get more matches and strengthen your relationship with Tinder to have an edge in the swipe stack.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is among this generation’s leading dating apps, and most people frequent the platform to find their match. But the numerous fake accounts and bots are a threat with negative motivations, and most users are always wary of who they meet on the site.

Tinder’s verification feature can build your credibility as a potential match. While it doesn’t guarantee that all details on a person’s profile are credible, those interacting with them can be certain that the person they’re talking to is the one on the profile picture. So follow the above steps to build trust on the platform.