21 Reasons Why You Are Not on the Path to Riches

There was once a king in the land of the Jews. His name is Solomon. He says in one of his many wisdom nuggets: “Money answers all things”  and yes, it does! 

You have read volumes of books on how to make money and get rich. It is also possible that you have tried to implement the principles in those same books. Why has nothing changed? Because what works for me may not work for you, and my problems might not be your problems.

Read on to find out why aren’t rich just yet. 

#1 You are intimidated by wealth

Deep down in your soul, you want to get wealthy and influential. But you are not just prepared for the aura of riches. The insecurity temptation that comes with the glare and glamour of the good things in life.

You have heard them say that you must grab the bull by its horns. It’s time to grab your bull and turn your fears into unmatched bravery. 

They have also said that the rich rarely catches a nap. Why would you not catch a nap? Due to the fear that someday, you might end up losing it all and become a laughingstock.

#2 Your decisions are based on false beliefs

The good book says that the love of money is the beginning of all vices. It does not say that money is the beginning of all vices

The love of money means that you allow money to take charge of your life. Money is now controlling your feeling and behavior. You want to use your money to commit moral ills like greed, murder, envy, and gluttony. You are now on top of the world and no one compares to your ‘special’ abilities.

Money is good because it makes your life comfortable. You don’t have to commit a felony to get rich. The world presents many opportunities to make money and become successful

Everyone indeed possesses the potential to be rich, regardless of background. All you need to do is keep learning and treat money with respect. 

Naval Ravikant has a piece of vital advice for all of us: “The most important skill for getting rich is becoming a perpetual learner.”

#3 You are in the cage of friendship

In the journey of life, it is true that “you gain some, you lose some”. Don’t be afraid to let go of people that in the first place weren’t your friends. 

A true friend will be happy when you climb to the apex of the social pyramid. They should be applauding you and not the other way around.

Shed off the bad elements in your circle, and begin surrounding yourselves with positive energy. Some friendships drain your energy and your resources.

# 4 You are underrating your drive

The desire to be rich is in you! All you need to do is let it sink in. No one is better than you in any way, they are only different. 

The ambition to get there is present in your spirit. Avoid the comparison trap and run your race. Don’t look over your shoulders to see who is about to catch up. 

Only make sure that you are giving your efforts the best that is within you. You will soon see yourself dining with the rich.

#5 You look at money as a ‘thorn in the flesh’

There is no single thing that is negative about money. Money gets you freedom. The freedom to be yourself and do as you please. 

Riches make you lose the inhibitions of scarcity and want. You are always in the driver’s seat. Money is a weapon that you use to subdue the enemy of lack. 

Stop looking at money as a sin that you have to live with. The rich use money to build beautiful life structures for their loved ones. They don’t look at money as a disadvantage in their lives.

#6 You regard sweat over strategy

What do the rich do that the poor and the middle class do not do? 

Rich people look for the most lucrative investments rather than just any profitable business. Also, they utilize the abilities of the people in their circles to create money-making opportunities. 

The wealthy know how to keep their reputation. They have also mastered the science of maximizing the use of their assets to generate riches.

If riches were about hard labor, many construction site workers and truck-loaders would be enjoying summer holidays in The Bahamas every year.

#7 You think that time and money are directly proportional

The relationship between money and time is not a straight line. Working more hours than other people does not mean that you will be richer than them. 

Wealth generation is about finding opportunities that generate the most returns within the shortest time possible.

The billionaires are rich because they found a problem in their surroundings and decided to look for a solution to it.

#8 You are economizing on unworthy stuff

Why would you be careful with the little money you have and spend big when you receive big money? It beats logic. You should be more cautious with large sums of money. Invest your big earnings more wisely than you invest the hundreds. 

#9 You look down on the rich as evil-minded

Many people believe that millionaires are very mean individuals. They say that rich people give out to charitable causes only to popularize their brands. 

It is common knowledge that generosity is not a function of wealth. Anyone can be generous, regardless of the amount of money they make. 

There are so many Warren Buffett on the planet. Rich people do philanthropy based on their abilities, not because they want to gain some advantage.

#10 You are leaving your status to chance

A sizeable number of people have given up on their wealth goals. They are now waiting for lady luck to smile on them one day. Probably through gambling or some other get-lucky charitable deed. While it is possible to get rich through chance, it is, however, a very risky undertaking.

#11 You do not want to fail

While repeated failure is naturally undesirable, failure in itself can be a stepping stone toward growth. No human was born successful. 

Success can be learned just like any other aspect of life. Many successful entrepreneurs can tell you that they failed several times before experiencing their eureka moments. 

At least try first before announcing that you have failed. That single fall could be a huge lesson for future success.

#12 You are not giving money the respect it deserves

Don’t be hypocritical about the importance of wealth. You know that money is critical for both survival and good living. Treat money as one of life’s essentials. 

Respect your money!

Some people speak of riches as unnecessary, while at the same time being very scared to lose what they already own. Get rid of the doublespeak and start being real with the place of money in your life.

#13 You are not wary of your company

The good book says, “Iron sharpens iron, so does one man’s mind sharpen another man’s.” This saying is true. We are not advising you to drop the not-so-rich friends in your life. We are only telling you to pick your associates carefully. 

Just like disease, wealth is contagious too. If you want to be a successful athlete, treat other successful athletes as your friends. In the same way, if you truly desire to get rich, start getting closer to the rich.

Even in school, a wise student struggling with Math will look for the top student in their class and look for ways to befriend them. So, make an effort to hang around people that are likely to teach you the ways of the rich.

#14 You are in your comfort zone

It is very okay to find comfort in your body, spirit, and soul. But don’t be carried away by the desire to remain comfortable. 

The millionaires that are comfortable now had to go through some pain earlier in life. No pain, no gain, or so they say. I will agree. Why? There is a price tag on every good thing you can see in life. Who should pay the price? You. 

You can temporarily forget about the comforts of today for a better, more comfortable tomorrow. This is the truth: most activities that give us joy and rest eat into our time and resources. Look for ways to find comfort other than the ones you are enjoying now.

#15 You are using your family as a barrier

Wealth and successful family life are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to have a happy family while at the same time chasing your financial dreams. 

If you must find a good reason to look for financial stability, find inspiration from your household. Let them be the reason you have to work hard every day to achieve your monetary goals. If anything, your family needs those millions more than everybody else. 

Do not fall for the temptation to crucify family life on the cross of material things. Stay focused on keeping your loved ones happy while simultaneously hunting for them.

#16 You believe you are not good enough

Not all those people that get admission into the best schools end up becoming millionaires. Learning is a continuous process. It is a sad fact, though, that many people stop learning immediately after graduating from school. The moment you stop learning, wealth begins to “run away from you.”

There is a trend that is doing rounds: graduate with good grades, and you will secure a good job. While jobs can help us pay our bills, most jobs don’t go beyond that. Formal education is good, but formal education cannot make you rich. The decision you make to keep learning continuously will, in the end, bring in the money. 

You must believe in your capability to make wealth. You have an inherent ability to initiate projects that will make you good money. Your grades are just your grades, they don’t stop you from achieving your financial and career goals.

#17 You are misguided in your perception of the rich

A random person on the streets believes that millionaires made their money through shadiness and graft. While in some cases it is true, a huge number of these people made money through hard work, focus, and clarity. They knew what they wanted and decided to go for it.

#18 You believe that poverty is a virtue

There’s no honor in scarcity. Many of us have been taught to believe that constantly looking for more is immoral. Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Where would we get the world’s great discoveries without the desire to achieve more? 

A continuous thirst for progress is not anything to be ashamed of. It was created in us to make life exciting. Contentment with that which you possess is not synonymous with laziness. It means you enjoy what you already have while looking for more.

#19 You look at life with pleasure lenses

While entertainment is part and parcel of our daily lives, it can be destructive if not checked. The same activities you are enjoying can in the end turn into bitter herbs. 

Relook at your entertainment hours and reschedule accordingly. Alternatively, you can turn those hobbies into investment opportunities.

Having fun is all fun until you realize you haven’t done much

You can turn your love for good music into a music media store. You can also turn your passion for football into a football news and stories publishing house. And your interest in numbers into shares and stocks trading at the course.

#20 You think you are not lucky

Some people think that being rich is a preserve of a few that were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. 

That belief is not true. 

You are as entitled to riches as anybody else walking on planet Earth. No one was destined for penury. You can get out of the scarcity hole provided you discover your abilities to solve humanity’s problems.

#21 You believe you were born lazy

An average person believes that there’s a point beyond which they cannot reach. In the vocabulary of riches, there is no limit to what any individual can achieve. All you need is the power to decide and act on your decision.

Make up your mind that you will act promptly on your decisions, without giving in to the temporary demands of procrastination. No one was born lazy. 

You must start thinking like a rich person and begin your achievable journey to riches.