Six Ways to Design the Life You Have Desired—With Great Success

The difference between the life you've always desired, and your current situation, is action. With this detailed guide, you'll learn the steps of designing the life you've been dreaming of for years.

Would you be okay with your life remaining the same for the next four years?

If that’d be okay with you, you’re either extremely blessed or slightly naïve. Nevertheless, very few people have their personal and professional lives so textbook that there’s no opportunity for improvement whatsoever.

Find people who guide your steps and help you strategize.

Often, we’re confronted by the stuff we anticipated but couldn’t get, and begin every year with these heartfelt desires. But every cloud has a silver lining. Such discontent serves as a stimulus, motivating us to adjust our daily lives for the better.

If you need things to improve four years from now, there’s only one catch: you must DO something. The probability of getting the life you’ve desired without working for it is about the same as bagging the Powerball lottery – about zero.

That said, here are the six effective methods of designing that ideal life you’ve been dreaming of:

1. Forget The Past

The past can be among the greatest obstacles in life. It hinders you from achieving your desired life and alters your thinking because you don’t want to repeat the old mistakes. 

Lisa Firestone, PhD, author, clinical psychologist, and Glendon Association’s Director of Research and Education, has much to say about this.

According to her publication, immediately after you discover how detrimental your past has been to your current attributes, your conscience will guide you to act differently. You’ll learn to refrain from reacting instinctively and begin to think about the life you want to live. 

2. Get Serious About Setting Goals

Unfortunately, most people aren’t serious about setting goals. Moreover, only three percent of people write down their goals, which is absolutely tragic considering those who note down their goals tend to achieve a lot more than those who don’t. 

For you to design your dream life, you must set some goals to get a clear picture of what you’re seeking to achieve. What do you wish your future life to look like? What do you consider your priorities? 

Writing your goals out directs your subconscious mind and tells it about the millions of possibilities the world has to offer. Otherwise, you’ll only drift through life with no clear destination or purpose. 

With your goals in mind, you’ll begin taking steps to reach them. Work for your goals daily, weekly, and monthly. Make your progress consistent, no matter how small.

Eventually, you’ll look back and be surprised at how much you’ve achieved. Remember to celebrate both your big and small accomplishments. 

Of course, some crybabies will claim they’re too busy and don’t have time to create and write out their goals. Fine. You decide how your life will be. You can live a mediocre or a grand life, and to a large extent, what you’ll achieve will depend on your seriousness towards committing your goals to paper. 

3. Match Your Words with Actions

According to American educator Stephen Covey, there are two dimensions to almost everything in our lives. There’s the mental creation, where we have an idea in our minds, and the physical creation, when you now manifest the idea in the real world. You’ll experience true fulfillment and happiness when our mental and physical creations align.

Unfortunately, most people reactively complain about their physical world experiences that they fail to explore how different things could look proactively. When we align the things we consider important with the things we do to actualize them, that’s when you find true joy and peace.

4. Schedule Time to Strategize

Very few people pull away from daily activities at home, work, or school to take time and strategize about improving their current state. That’s why most of us stay the same for long, always in a reactive state where we simply respond to requests from our employers, family members, or clients. We’re enslaved to the daily hustle and bustle, never creating time to explore the possibilities.

You must get out of this chain if you really want to improve your life. Create time every week to pull yourself out of your daily menial obligations and think about the bigger picture: that future life you’ve been craving for and how you’ll achieve it.  

5. Truly Believe in Your Ideas and Yourself

Nobody put it better than Henry Ford, the American industrialist:

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”

If you’re confident you can do something and set yourself out to do it (even if you’re not sure you’ll be successful), you’ll likely end up victorious. Naturally, the brain can’t make liars out of us; the body usually does what the mind tells it to.

If the dream is vivid in your head, you’ll likely figure out the proper steps to make it a reality. Human beings have a strong power of belief, so use it.

6. Align Your Actions with Your Beliefs

If you believe you qualify for a new role or position, you will likely do the right thing to make it happen. You’ll work harder on areas that have visibility, seek the right mentors, show up earlier, or enroll in training to put you in a better position for the anticipated role. Ultimately, getting the job will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s consider the reverse of this situation, which commonly happens. If you don’t believe something will happen or think you can’t achieve something, you’ll likely act in ways that reduce your chances or do nothing. Both actions will make things even worse for you. Failing to achieve your goal will also become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Belief matters. In order to change your life, begin imagining what it will be like, sound like, feel like, and look like when it unfolds. Even if there doesn’t seem to be a sign of success, you must believe in it. By doing all these, you can bring your dreams and beliefs to life, even if you’re yet to see any signs.

In conclusion, the above steps are essential if you’re inclined toward designing the life you’ve always desired. By taking time off to evaluate your current state, creating a plan, matching your words with your actions, and believing in yourself, you’ll be set to find the healthier and happier version of yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Start today!