Cathy’s Side-Hustle: How She Earns Easy Money Selling Pictures of Her Feet Online

I use the little time I can spare to take pictures and videos of my feet and post them on Twitter and Reddit. I think I’m a smart businesswoman

Cathy’s side hustle: How she earns easy money selling pictures of her feet online

This is the story of Miss Cathy. She is only 21 years old. Money Monkey has chosen to use a false name to keep her anonymous. Cathy’s real-life story has been shortened for precision.

  • Cathy is in her fourth year of college and works part-time at her school’s lab. She uses a nickname to protect her privacy.
  • She needs another job, but cannot find the time. Cathy has, therefore, settled on selling pictures of her feet online to “make a quick buck.”
  • Here is Cathy’s story, from the horse’s mouth.

I am at a crossroads. There is a lot to deal with. I am a young woman who must live a normal life and still find legal ways of paying my bills. My academics and work at the college laboratory eat so much into my time. I would have loved to find time for another job, but that’s not possible at the moment.

The internet is awash with money-making ideas, and it’s only normal that someone in Generation Z would find somewhere to fit in. 

The idea of selling foot pics online has always been in my mind, but I have never given it serious thought until now. I said to myself, “Why not give it a try, you could make some extra money without investing a lot of time and energy?” 

I got into the foot pics business three years ago. In a good month, I will make slightly more than $250. I mostly use the money to change my wardrobe.  I’m not sure how things will turn out in the future because life is dynamic.

I do not post on websites like OnlyFans, I prefer using conventional social media networks for feet pics sales

In every business, you must have a strategy. And social media selling requires strategy too. I pick my hashtags very calculatingly because they, at the end of the day, drive my sales. 

I have been advised to take my trade to content subscription services like OnlyFans, but no, I want to remain anonymous. 

I like posting on Reddit and Twitter. I have made lots of sales through DMs from different people with the desire to see pictures of my feet. 

Few people would rather keep it a secret than share it with relatives and friends. I am not such a person. I share the business idea with my friends and even help some of them join the hustle. It is not something I’m afraid to make public. 

There was a time I told my dad about it. It was difficult at first, but I later found a way to express it. It was easy to approach my dad because we get along quite easily. 

I cleared my throat and asked, “Hey Dad, I have a small theoretical question: if I earned a few bucks from foot pic sales on the internet, would you help me with my taxes?” He didn’t have a clear answer. But from his response, it’s like they (Dad and Mum) are aware, but they do not want to give it a lot of attention.

It’s a quick buck, I’m not kidding

I use the little time I can spare to take pictures and videos of my feet and post them on Twitter and Reddit. I think I’m a smart businesswoman – I’m kidding on this one, though.

I take time to engage my followers. I listen to their interests and do what I can to meet their needs. But it doesn’t weigh heavily on me ‘cause most of the requests don’t even require foot treatment & massage. Many people just want to see my feet in their natural state. Others will bear chiropody treatment costs on my behalf.

In some cases, people ask for customized pics or videos. I gladly oblige most of the time since for me, there’s nothing suggestive about it. 

To be honest, it’s a bit bizarre for me that people find sexual satisfaction in looking at feet pictures. But that remains a problem on their side, not mine. I can only empathize with them.

One case in point is when this guy asked for a video of me walking with my shoes off at Walmart. I have to admit that I lied to him, and took the video somewhere else. 

Many consumers of these foot pics sometimes regret their actions. They develop a certain ‘guilt’ over time. I have gone back many times to my customers’ accounts only to find that they are deleted. Some of them even go as far as blocking me. So, if you want to get into the foot pictures business, get prepared for a high rate of replacement. 

I go incognito by using a pseudonym. Who doesn’t want to protect their privacy?

You are probably contemplating doing a similar hustle as I tell you my story. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you have to be careful online. People can easily connect it to your other accounts online and ruin your reputation. 

You see, not everyone looks at life from the same lens. I may consider this trade legit, but someone out there thinks it is dirty. You will, one day, need to get a job at some company. You don’t know who might use your online information against you.

It’s a bit unsound for me to use a false name ’cause if people want to know my identity, they can easily do that. My face is all over the place on both of my accounts. 

I have a boyfriend with whom we live together. Our relationship is not threatened by my hustle. It is now almost four years since we met. He has not expressed any misgivings about what I’m doing. I intend to continue selling pics and videos of my foot online until the time I get something else to do.

I am about to finish my undergrad program and the future is not certain. I, however, remain optimistic that something better could come up. As for now, the foot pics business continues.