These Are the Top 10 Best Places in the World to Live in 2022 – And You Won’t Find Any African Country on the List

best places to visit in the world 2023

Who in this world does not want to live in comfort? All of us love the good things in life and aspire to have them, namely: good houses, exciting leisure activities, the freedom for self-expression, top-quality health facilities, good roads & railway networks, peace & tranquility, a vibrant culture, trendy & flashy neighborhoods, and good learning institutions for our kids. 

It is difficult to find perfect living conditions in our world today. But don’t give up. There are many towns and cities, still left in the world today, that can offer you the best living conditions. 

Today, we take you with us on a journey to some of the best cities to live in, in 2022. We have done our due diligence – and we are prepared to bring you the top 10 countries with the best living conditions in Europe and other parts of the world.

These rankings were competently done by a recent survey commissioned by The EIU on living conditions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

The ratings were based on five important qualitative and quantitative factors:

  • Financial, social, and political stability
  • Nature of airports, roads, housing, railway networks (infrastructure)
  • The state and nature of each city’s healthcare facilities (healthcare)
  • Availability of quality education and good education systems (education)
  • Each city’s cultural and environmental appeal – how friendly are its regulations to people from different places of the world (culture and environment)

To provide even more accurate outcomes, the five pointers were further divided into 30 finer analytical sub-categories.

The decision by many governments to remove Covid-19 rules and restrictions was another key indicator in the survey.

The average liveability score, out of 173 of the places polled, stood at 73%. This is down from 2021’s average of 75%. The slump in liveability percentages was mainly attributed to the negative effects of Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukrainian war.

Why are African countries not on the list? 

Now, to the top 10 cities to live in:

10. Osaka, Japan – Liveability score 95.1%

Osaka is a generally peaceful community with multicultural inhabitants.

The vibrant port city sits on the Japenese island of Honshu. So, you now know that you will cross the waters to arrive there.

Osaka Castle in Morning

If you love history and religious studies, you will find it exciting to visit some of her shrines.

The city is known for its beautiful architectural designs on roads, buildings, and bridges. 

Osaka is home to a lively, bustling nightlife due to low crime rates.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Liveability score 95.3%

Amsterdam is the capital of Holland. It is famous for its cycling culture with nicely paved bike paths and neat streets. 

View of canal in Amsterdam, Holland. Amstel river, canal, and bicycles.

It’s home to some of the world’s oldest museums and artistry. 

Life in the city has returned to normalcy after an easing of Covid-19 regulations by the administration.

The Dutch healthcare arrangement and facilities are rated as one of the best in the region.

8. Toronto, Canada – Liveability score 95.4%

Toronto city sits beautifully on the shores of Lake Ontario. The capital of Ontario province is marked by some of the tallest buildings in North America, with an imposing view of the CN Tower.

Toronto skyline

This Canadian metropolis has a vast area of evenly-spread green parks and animal zoos.

Elections in Canada are considered one of the most credible and transparent.

Toronto has one of the best public transport systems in North America and the best in Canada

7. Frankfurt, Germany – Liveability score – 95.7%

The German city has a rich history due to the effects of World War II. Frankfurt has since been rebuilt and is now a vibrant city with good infrastructure, organized healthcare, and a booming economy.

The Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge), Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany – The footbridge crosses the River Main, it connects the centre of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen (built in 1868). The bridge was blown up in the final days of WWII, but was rebuilt shortly afterwards.

The Old Town square is famed for its extravagant annual Christmas shopping and lively festive atmosphere.

6. Geneva, Switzerland – Liveability score 95.9%

This beautiful Swiss beach city lies on the southern shores of Lake Geneva, with a scenery of the two beautiful mountains of the Alps and Jura.

Aerial view of the Rhone river that flow in the heart of Geneva banking and business district from the Lake Geneva in Switzerland second largest city

Geneva’s economy is supported mainly by its robust banking industry. 

Its culture has a deep French influence. Expect to find mouth-watering French delicacies at its restaurants and fast-food shops.

5. Vancouver, Canada – Liveability score 96.1%

Canada appears to be taking most of the up-for-grabs positions. 

Vancouver is very densely populated with people from diverse ethnicities. The British Columbian port city is a popular filming site for major global movie releases and television series.

Burrard Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Despite the high population numbers, its social amenities like schools, houses, and hospitals remain unstrained.

It was slightly affected by Covid-19 restrictions but has since recovered wonderfully. 

4. Calgary, Canada – Liveability score 96.3%

Here is another Canadian top performer. It is the third-largest city in Canada with a population of 1.48 million inhabitants. 

Its smooth network of roads, railways, and biking paths is unquestionably good.

Its main economic activity is in the energy sector and financial services. 

Centre Street Bridge, Bow River, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A combination of good private & public hospitals and numerous health and fitness centers adorns the interiors and outskirts of the metropolis.

Calgary has some of the world’s best learning institutions, from early childhood to tertiary education.

3. Zurich, Switzerland – Liveability score 96.3%

It is the largest city in Switzerland and is the country’s banking and financial services hub. 

The main language of Zurich is Zurich German, with German as the official language. 

Zurich old town by the Limmat river on a sunny summer day in Switzerland largest city

Its financial, social, and political stability is undoubtedly strong. The people live autonomously with the guarantee of basic freedoms and added liberties to choose the municipal leadership and preferred personal lifestyles.

Zurich’s roads, railways, airports, and housing infrastructure are simply one of the best in Europe.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark Liveability score 98%

Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital. 

The island city’s freedoms are one of the most desirable in the world. You can’t afford to leave Copenhagen without visiting Indre By, the city’s historic center.

Denmark, Copenhagen, Nyhavn. Boats and people on harbour. Outdoor cafes

The Danish capital is the definition of ideal city life, with a seemingly carefree population with lots of leisurely activities and vibrant nightlife.

The inhabitants of Copenhagen and the Danes, in general, are rated the second-happiest people in the world.

1. Vienna, Austria – Liveability score 99.1%

Vienna is the world’s most revered intellectual and artistic city. The capital of Austria is home to 2 million people.

The metropolitan area produces one-third of the country’s gross national product.

Vienna is the world’s safest city with a safety rating of 88%. 

Its rich cultural heritage makes it the cultural capital of Europe.

The Austrian federal state has one of the world’s best medical training and top-quality public hospitals.