The Outlandish Questions That Help You Find Your Life’s purpose

“He who has found his way can withstand anyhow.” These are the words of Fredrick Nietzsche, the German philosopher.

Indeed, understanding you are ‘why’ is vital in figuring out how you’ll approach your exciting goals and live the life you’ve desired.

Only when you’re aware of your ‘why’ will you be courageous enough to take the necessary risks, stay motivated, and shift your life onto a fresh, stimulating, and gratifying trajectory.

We all have a purpose, but sometimes it isn’t straightaway obvious. Rather, you need patience, trial, and error, and soul-searching to find your purpose. Fortunately, this detailed piece will guide you aptly.

The Problem with Finding a Life’s Purpose

One of the primary hurdles lies in the concept itself–the idea that each one of us was born to fulfill a higher purpose, and it’s our responsibility to find it.

The truth is, we’re on this planet for some undetermined duration, during which we do lots of stuff. Some of these things matter and give our lives meaning and gratification, while others are unimportant and waste our time.

So when someone questions, “What’s my life’s purpose?” or “What am I destined to do with my life?” they’re simply asking, “What important things can I do with my life?”

This question is infinitely better to ask. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t force you with the typical ridiculous baggage that comprises the “life’s purpose” question. 

Now, you don’t have to envisage your life’s cosmic significance while chilling on your couch eating popcorn. Instead, you must get off your ass and find what feels important.

Principles of Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Finding your true life’s purpose will depend on these six crucial pillars:

  • Self-Awareness – You must deeply understand yourself and how you live your life.
  • Motivations – You must know the personal motivations driving your behavior.
  • Dreams – It’s important to turn into your most profound, deepest aspirations and dreams for the future. 
  • Lifetime Experience – Search for clues that may have stayed behind over your life experiences.
  • Creating an Ideal – Conduct a little planning to envision your ideal life. 
  • Higher Calling – Turn into your deepest parts to uncover meaningful reasons to live. 

With all these in mind, it’s time to check out the most important questions that can guide your search for your life’s purpose.

The 7 Peculiar Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose

While there’s no tried and tested pathway to discerning your purpose, you can use different approaches to gain insight into yourself and a broader perspective on your impact on the world.

The following strange questions can reveal more about yourself and your life’s purpose:

What’s Your Preferred Shit Sandwich?

Eventually, we all get served a shit sandwich, and that’s the sticky little reality about life. Everything becomes boring, some of the time.

Every once in a while, life serves you a shit sandwich

This may sound pessimistic, but it’s an emancipating idea. All things require sacrifice, and nothing feels uplifting or pleasurable always. What matters is the sacrifice or struggle we can tolerate. What unpleasant experiences can you handle?

That thing you can do that most people aren’t willing to take part in is your competitive advantage. So identify your favorite shit sandwich.

How you answer this question will tell you the struggles you can bear to reach your goals and what you can do better than others.

What About You Now Would Disappoint The 8-Year-Old You?

We all tend to lose touch with our childhood passions. This could be due to the social pressures of our teenage years and our professional obligations as young adults.

Think about it; how far have you strayed from the person you wanted to be as a child?

We’ve been made to learn that the only motivation to do something is the reward it offers, but this stifling transactional concept leaves us feeling stuck or lost.

But this question will take you back to the eight-year-old you who did stuff for the sheer joy of it. 

You’ll begin to find the things you’re passionate about, a crucial step in finding your life’s purpose.

How you answer this question will remind you of the childhood passion that silently vanished as you became an adult. You’ll also identify the activity to revisit, just for fun.  

What Makes You Forget to Eat, Shower, Or Poop?

You’ve certainly been so wrapped up in an activity that minutes become hours, which turn into “OMG, I haven’t had dinner!”

This used to be my experience with video games; probably not a healthy habit. In fact, it was a serious diversion and productivity killer that I would sacrifice shower time, studying for exams, or physical interaction with fellow humans. 

I wanted to be the best at every level.

But after quitting the games (the bills couldn’t support my “passion”), I discovered that I wasn’t really passionate about the games themselves, but about competition and self-improvement. 

And when I applied these attributes to my freelance writing career, well, things took off, and here I am guiding you on how to find your life’s purpose.

Whatever they are, don’t just evaluate the things that you stay up late doing, but understand the cognitive principles behind the respective enthralling activities. You’ll find somewhere to easily apply them.

Your answer to this question will reveal the activities you truly enjoy and other things to explore that might spark your interest.

Is There a Way to Better Embarrass Yourself?

Before you can complete a task perfectly, you must suck at it because you don’t have an idea of what you’re doing. This means embarrassing yourself in a way, often repeatedly. And we mostly try to avoid embarrassment because it sucks.

Mastering a new skill is taxing. You will embarrass yourself a few times!

However, avoiding something that can embarrass you means you can’t do something important to you or the people around you.

Great things are mostly unconventional and unique, and you must contradict the herd mindset to achieve them. 

Doing this can be terrifying.

So embrace embarrassment because it’s part of the game to feel stupid. That major decision that’s scaring you is what you should focus more of your energy on.

Your answer to this question will reveal the things scaring the shit out of you and work on them. You’ll also learn to avoid lousy excuses and begin putting in the work.

How Do You Intend to Save the World?

The world has myriad issues. Almost everything seems fucked up.

The only way to live a healthy and happy life on this fucked up planet is to pick a problem and begin working your way to a better world.

You have vast options, from mental health care and education systems to domestic violence and governmental corruption.

So find an issue that touches you and start solving it. Of course, you won’t rid the world of its problems alone. But your contribution will make a difference.

How you answer this question will tell you the problem you’re concerned about that’s beyond you. You’ll also craft a practical procedure for making a difference.

Gun to Your Head, If You Must Leave Your House Daily, Where Would You Spend Your Days and What Would You Be Doing?

Old-fashioned complacency limits many people from finding their life’s purpose. We get preoccupied with our routines, distract ourselves, the couch gets comfy, and nothing new transpires. 

What most of them fail to realize is that passion results from actions, not the other way around. Identifying your passion is a full-contact sport. You can’t know your feelings about an activity until you actually participate in it.

So, ask yourself what new important activity you’re willing and able to try out in your free time. 

Your answer to this crucial question will tell you what you’ve been passionate about all along and the best way to spend your time.

If You Had a Year Left in the World, What Would You Do to Be Remembered? If You Had a Year Left in the World, What Would You Do to Be Remembered?

While the thought of death freaks most of us out, thinking about our own demise surprisingly offers multiple practical benefits.

One of the leading advantages is that it makes us distinguish what actually matters in our lives from the distractions and frivolous stuff.

In due course, it’s the only thing that’ll shed light on the value of your life. It’s only by thinking about your non-existence that you understand the importance of your existence.

What stories will people tell about you when you’re gone? What’s your legacy going to look like?

How you answer this question will tell you the things that matter the most and the values that should guide your actions.

Taking A Step Into The Unknown…

The above questions will guide your search for your life’s purpose. Whether you can answer all of them or not, it’s important to take the first step. Then, combine all your answers and come up with a general direction. 

But if you’re still uncertain, prioritize your core value. This will lead you to that first step, after which you’ll rely on the insights you gain from the answers you provide to each question. 

You’ll also experience new things, meet new people, gain new knowledge, and learn new skills. All these will guide you towards that path that leads to your life’s purpose.