Credit Karma Review: Is It Worth It?

Credit Karma Review: Is It Worth It?

Credit Karma is a personal finance service that lives up to its name. It helps users stay conscious of their credit score and consequently, be rewarded with a desirable credit score.

It’s a popular website that offers users a free credit score and report. The online platform does more than just keep users up to date on their credit scores;

 It also informs them about potential credit breaches. It, therefore, offers tools to help them find the best deals on credit cards, loans, vehicles, and auto insurance.

Credit Karma provides these services for free and pays for itself by making financial product recommendations based on the user’s credit profile. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the site’s features and how it can help you manage your finances. 

According to the company, Credit Karma members have grown to over 120 million. About half of all US, millennials are among the subscribers. To move beyond the provision of credit scores, the platform has expanded its services. It has expanded its services to include aspects such as the user’s mortgage and driving habits.

Top Pick


Credit Sesame, a veteran personal finance app with more than ten years of existence, is a reliable tool that provides you with an overview of your debt and helps you to understand your credit score.

It has also introduced a new line of credit, which is free to use. Furthermore, the platform continues to offer a personalized user experience to a high degree. Credit Karma’s services are free, which makes it a popular choice for people looking to manage their finances effectively.

Despite being very good at what it does, Credit Karma falls short of being a full-service personal finance management solution, unlike this year’s Editors’ Choice winners, Mint and Quicken Deluxe. 

How Much Information Do You Have to Provide to Credit Karma?

Starting with Credit Karma is a quick and easy process that only takes a few minutes. To get started, you’ll need to provide some basic personal information such as your name, address, and Social Security Number.

These details are essential to pull your credit information. As the platform holds sensitive information, it offers several security features that are recommended for use, both on Credit Karma and any other personal finance site.

 Be wary of companies that ask for your credit card information before providing you with a service or asking for a fee, Credit Karma offers free access to its platform.

Use Credit Karma 

Credit Karma’s dashboard, Today, has undergone some changes since the platform was last reviewed. At the top of the dashboard is your daily credit score, reported by two out of the three bureaus, namely TransUnion and Equifax.

 In contrast, Credit Sesame only offers one credit score at its free level. A semicircular graphic illustrates where you stand on the scale of possible credit scores. Arrows indicate whether your current score has gone up or down since the last report, and by how much.

To get your free credit report or a full credit report, you’ll need to go through a credit bureau. Through credit bureaus like Transunion or Equifax, you can get a good credit report from TransUnion.

Credit Karma also provides free credit monitoring and financial management tools to help stay on top. The platform also provides a dialog box for customer reviews.

Customizing the dashboard is now possible, with both credit scores turned on by default. You can also display other numbers from your financial profile, such as your home equity (a new feature since last year) and your borrowing power.

Beneath your credit score, Credit Karma provides links to screens that display offers for various financial products. The products include credit cards, personal loans, home and auto refinancing, and auto insurance. The platform selects these options based on the information it knows about you from your credit profile.

While Mint offers a start screen that links to your credit score, it offers a more extensive and comprehensive picture of your finances. Like Credit Karma, Mint displays ads for financial products that might be suitable for you. But its homepage offers a better overview of your finances. NerdWallet also provides several tools that are similar to Credit Karma.

Site Design and Navigation

Once familiar with the navigation system, Credit Karma is relatively easy to use. The platform has an attractive, friendly, and intuitive design that makes good use of color and graphics.

 However, there is a lot of duplicated content in various places on the site. While this duplication can be helpful if you don’t explore the entire platform, it can also be tedious.

The pages themselves tend to be long, endless streams of a mixture of editorial content, product offers, and personalized recommendations. It’s often challenging to know what to expect on a page without scrolling through. Additionally, the horizontal toolbar at the top could be more prominently displayed by being centered.

Given that Credit Karma has been around for a while, it would be helpful to do some serious reorganization.

Simplify is an excellent example of a personal finance site that is carefully designed and feels consistent and accessible throughout.


Understanding Your Credit Score with Credit Karma

Your credit scores and credit reports are important factors that lenders use to evaluate your creditworthiness. Karma offers two credit scores, sourced from TransUnion and Equifax. It’s not unusual for the two scores to be different, as different lenders may not report to all three credit bureaus.

Credit bureaus like TransUnion and Equifax play an important role in determining your credit score. Credit Karma uses information from both to provide a more accurate score. 

It’s important to check your credit score, and Credit Karma can make it easy and free for you to do so. Additionally, with Karma, you can also monitor your credit history and determine if you have excellent credit.

By responsibly managing your credit accounts, you can develop a robust credit history and enhance your creditworthiness. Furthermore, Karma offers free credit scores from both TransUnion and Equifax.

credit score

To learn more about your credit score, select “Score Details” from the Credit menu. With a free credit check, you would be able to see your score without any difficulty. You can toggle between TransUnion and Equifax to view a four-month graph of your credit score changes.

Additionally, a series of boxes display the factors that have the most and least impact on your credit score. Credit card use, payment history, and derogatory marks fall into the first group. On the other hand, credit age, total accounts, and hard inquiries are less influential. By clicking on these elements, you can access additional details.

Both credit cards and loans can affect your credit rating. It’s important to manage credit cards and loans responsibly.  Your credit rating is a reflection of your creditworthiness and can impact your ability to obtain credit in the future. The website also allows you to monitor your credit score. It also allows you to check any changes to your credit score.

Clicking on the Credit link itself leads to a chat screen manned by a cartoon character named Penny. The link offers the option to “Chat about your score,” and Penny is a friendly and humorous chatbot that pops up elsewhere on the site.

Credit Karma Features and Benefits

When you apply for a loan or credit card, the lender will typically check your credit score, and Credit Karma can help you see what they see so you can prepare accordingly.

Buying a home

As you go through credit Karma features, you begin to see how exciting it is to use the platform. Loans and credit can be helpful ways to build your credit history, as long as you manage them responsibly. 

When it comes to choosing the best credit card, consider factors like interest rate, fee, and rewards. And if you are in the market for a new credit card, be sure to compare offers. 

Before you go for Credit Karma tools, you must input information about any loans you have beyond credit cards.  One of the benefits of Credit Karma is that it offers free access to your credit score and other financial tools. If you have an auto loan, you provide details about the year.

Credit Karma generates a page for your vehicle, indicating its present estimated worth, insurance and refinancing options, and recall details. You can also browse for a new car, or sell or exchange your current vehicle, as Carvana collaborates with Credit Karma.

Home loans operate similarly. By examining your mortgage history, you can view your home value and loan balance. If Credit Karma identifies a better refinancing option, it will suggest it. You can also activate the Refinance Rate Tracker to receive notifications when a better rate is available.

Credit Karma offers guidance on purchasing a new home. It also guides on determining how much home you can afford and getting pre-qualified for a loan. You can both look up mortgage rates and search for agents, as you shop for rental insurance. A calculator is also available that helps you determine how changes may affect your buying power.

Karma Drive

A lot of programs have been created worldwide to assist you in saving money on your auto insurance, many of which come with fees. Credit Karma’s mobile app offers a free feature called Karma Drive, which may also lower your auto insurance rates.

Karma Drive is used together with your smartphone to monitor your driving habits. It examines your acceleration, braking, and focused driving. It also examines your mileage, routes, and the times of day you drive.

After you’ve logged a certain number of miles, you may be eligible for potentially reduced offers from one or more insurance companies. The service is available in most states. Although Karma Drive does not provide instructions, it is a useful tool to monitor your driving habits. Kama Drive will eventually save you money on auto insurance rates.

Credit Karma Money New Savings Account

Yes, Credit Karma introduced a High-Yield Savings Account called Credit Karma Money three years ago, which is a banking service provided by MVB Bank, Inc. The account offers a yield of 1.98% APY, which is relatively low given the current interest rate climate. 

In addition to the High-Yield Savings Account, Credit Karma also provides a no-fee checking account called Credit Karma Money Spend, which doesn’t even have overdraft fees. You must have a Credit Karma savings account to open one.

Depositing your paychecks into the account enables you to receive your money up to two days early. The account’s VISA debit card enables you to make free withdrawals at more than 55,000 ATMs. 

Credit Karma offers a new service that enables you to pay your bills if you have a Credit Karma Spend account. After opening an account, you can fund it by transferring money from an external bank account, which can take a few days.

You must answer a few questions to confirm that the account belongs to you. Once confirmed, Credit Karma displays a list of the accounts that appear on your credit report. You can link these accounts by entering your online login details one by one.

How to Track My Credit Karma: A Step-by-Step Guide

Credit Karma aims to help you save money and take action to improve your credit score. One of the benefits of credit karma is that it provides transparency on how credit Karma works. 

To achieve this, it offers tools such as the Credit Score Simulator. A credit score shows you several things you could do to trigger a change in your score. For instance, you could get a new loan, let your accounts go past due, or receive a credit limit increase.

Clicking on any of these options prompts you to provide additional information, after which a graphic at the top shows you what your new credit score could be. By using credit Karma to track my credit I can identify changes and take action to improve my financial health.

The platform provides several useful tools such as interactive calculators for mortgage refinancing and debt repayment. Moreover, it suggests financial products suitable for your present financial situation.

Although these tools are dispersed across the site, you can access many of them at once by selecting “My Recommendations” in the toolbar. Additionally, you can explore credit cards from a credit card provider using filters like Balance Transfer, 0% and Low-Interest, and Travel (miles).

credit score

It’s important to note that Credit Karma has numerous information about you and could use it to its advantage. Nevertheless, the company assures its users that it does not spam them or sell their data to partners. During testing, there was no increase in promotional emails to my inbox.

Excellent Mobile Apps

Credit Karma’s mobile apps for Android and iOS provide a seamless browsing experience that replicates the browser-based version of the platform. The mobile app features an attractive, compact design that makes it a preferred way of accessing Credit Karma on your phone.

mobile app

It offers calculators, the Credit Score Simulator, and various resources to help you improve your credit.

The app provides quick access to your credit scores and reports, recommendations for financial products, comparison shopping, and tips for enhancing your credit scores. It also allows you to access detailed information about your accounts.

The frequently-used features of the app are accessible through four icons at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, a more comprehensive menu can be opened by clicking on a link in the upper right corner.

The app even features a “hack” that displayed an option for me to enhance my credit score by paying $83 on a specific card. The browser-based version of the platform also offers occasional hacks. 

However, Mint’s or Simplifi’s mobile apps are ideal when you need to know quickly whether you can afford to make a purchase or how it fits into your budget. Credit Karma doesn’t have any monthly budgeting features or the ability to track your daily income and spending.

A Unique Service

Credit Karma’s credit score-monitoring capabilities stand out. With excellent credit information, it also provides free financial guides.

NerdWallet provides only one credit score, and its cluttered user experience compromises the data and tools’ depth. Credit Sesame lacks the depth of Credit Karma’s features and charges up to $15.99 per month for some of its services, while Credit Karma is entirely free.

For a comprehensive personal finance solution with tools for managing income, expenses, budgeting, and bill-tracking, we recommend Mint. (Our Editor’s Choice for free personal finance apps) and Quicken Deluxe (our Editors’ Choice for paid personal finance apps).

Finally, by creating a credit Karma account you can access a variety of financial tools. The above review will disapprove of some customers who felt that credit karma is a scam. Many who have reviewed credit Karma will attest to the fact that it is the best. 

Whether you are looking to keep an eye on your credit score or improve it, Credit Karma is an excellent option. Its website and apps are visually appealing and comprehensive. The website also requires minimal navigation to locate what you need. However, some users may find the site’s content duplication and organization frustrating.

Although they provide some credit score information, we suggest using one of these tools in addition to Credit Karma. Overall, Credit Karma offers a range of helpful features and tools to help you improve your credit and manage your finances more effectively.