6 Of the Best Places to Go Horse Riding in Nairobi

Nairobi is a remarkable tourist destination with something for everyone. Horseback riding offers a discerning experience to embrace the cool air and beautiful landscape. It’s also a great way to connect with the local culture. The guide below gives you the best horse-riding places in Nairobi.

Stables in this location have rides for all ability levels. Lessons, riding sessions, and guided trots are available. Look for special deals like meals on the trail.

Malo Stables

Malo Stables caters to all riding abilities with a range of horses and ponies. They specialize in dressage, show jumping, and venting with highly educated horses. Rates range from $60 per hour for non-residents, KSh 6,000 per hour for EA residents, and KSh 55,000 for pre-paid packages of 10 hrs. The facility is both a ranch and a horse riding club.

Malo stables

As a horse-riding club in Nairobi, it provides horse tours and riding lessons that benefit the big turnover of learners.

Xina Horse Riding School and Stables

Xina Horse Riding and Stables in Kiambu provide a peaceful environment for horse riding. They cater to all skill levels, and children can have fun riding while parents watch the horse show.

Xina Horse Riding School and Stables

Xina Restaurant offers various cuisines prepared by an in-house chef, allowing guests to enjoy a delicious meal after their riding experience.

Xina provides a first-class horse-riding experience that many learners would wish to have. With beautiful horses and ponies, it is an excellent club to learn horse riding.

New Muthaiga Horse Riding Stables

New Muthaiga Horse Riding Stables offers horseback riding lessons for adults and children, forest rides in Sigiriya Forest, and a few more distractions for kids: Ms. Cat, Dora the Dog, a handful of rabbits, and chicken, liveries, pony rides for birthday parties and other functions.

The stables are located at Manga Gardens, off Kirawa rd, Kitusuru.

New Muthaiga horse riding stables

Muthaiga is one of the best places that offer professional training. It is also the number one in East Africa that provides first-class horse-riding lessons. Having horses with the best genetics from Denmark is the ideal place to acquire horse-riding lessons.

Hardy Stud

Located in Karen, Hardy Stud is a great place for horse riding. They offer informative sessions on a 10-acre land suitable for all ages, ranging from 1 to 65 years. The skilled instructor is accompanied by beautiful and fits horses and ponies, and a broad range of saddles is available for riders at all levels. 

Horse stud-horse riding in Nairobi

Hardy Club is one of the places in East Africa that provides a first-class horse-riding lesson. With many elites going to the Karen riding club it has always been a busy environment.

Experienced and qualified trainers and caddies ensure that the horseback excursions are fun for both adults and children. Hardy Stud is a fantastic destination for anyone seeking to learn or improve their horse-riding skills while enjoying the serene environment. 

Similar to the Ngong racecourse, horses are highly trained. Horses are trained to have proper techniques in the discipline.

Achi’s Ranch and Horse-Riding Club

Achi’s Ranch and Horse-Riding Club is located near Bomas of Kenya and offers classes for beginners. The horse-riding excursions go through the Ngong Forest, led by professional trainers to ensure safety and fun. achi’s ranch and the horse-riding club is perfect for horse riding lessons.

Achi’s Ranch and Horse-Riding Club

For KSh. beginners receive 15-minute training sessions, a guide, helmets, and chaps. The price includes the park entry fee, and the duration can exceed an hour, depending on individual needs.

 Achi’s Ranch and Horse-Riding Club is an excellent destination for anyone seeking to learn horse riding in a serene environment.

Additionally, horse riding on Achi’s ranch is exceptional. The club offers horse riding adventures and lessons that are excellent.

The Waterfront Stables Horse Riding

The Waterfront Stables is the only equestrian facility in East Africa within The Waterfront Mall, Karen.

They offer basic to advanced horse-riding skills for all ages in various styles. These include dressage, show jumping, cross country, Western, and trail riding.

The Waterfront Stables Horse Riding School

Waterfront, which has a good horse-riding tour, also provides riding classes for beginners. Additionally, with well-trained professional horse trainers, it provides riding styles from beginners to advanced.

Their riding programs include basic horsemanship skills such as balance and horse control. Experienced trainers guide learners through different riding styles. The Waterfront Stables is a first-class horse-riding destination that provides a memorable experience in an easily accessible environment.