Best Restaurants in Village Market Nairobi.

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The village market is a large retail complex with an eclectic mix of stores & restaurants, plus a sophisticated vibe.

The village is home to some of the best restaurants with excellent dishes. We have done a review of some of these restaurants. The following guide explains these restaurants.

jiko @Tribe Hotel

Jiko is found at Tribe Hotel at the village market in Gigiri Nairobi. This top restaurant reflects the sophisticated feel of the hotel. Contemporary cuisine is international, carefully focused, and local.

Jiko Tribe Restaurant

Their menu is epic. And with a beautiful grill, it becomes one of the good restaurants in Kenya.

Tokyo (village)

This iconic Japanese restaurant is located in the village market shopping center. This place is ideal for a family and guests. They have very fresh food which has organic ingredients.

Tokyo Village Restaurant

Tokyo has built itself a name in the village market Gigiri. It has become an epic spot for dining in Nairobi Kenya.

They offer delicious meals prepared by a highly trained chef. With wine on their menu, they have a variety of dishes.

Cafe Latino 

Cafe Latino serves delicious international cuisine. They also offer Italian dishes. With crisp and pastry on their list, they have a team of experts for this. Compared to CJ’s it has experts for the job. Make a try Cafe Latino.

Cafe Latino 

Kazhana Restaurant

Kazhana is located in the food court village market. It serves Indian gourmet cuisine. It serves excellent delicacies for people around that vicinity. Additionally, they have a room for every partner to share a night together. With a good GPRS map, you can easily locate the place whether it’s late. 

Kazhana Restaurant