Top-rated Dining Restaurants in Lavington Nairobi

Indulge in the Best Culinary Delights: Discover Lavington's Top-rated Dining Restaurants
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Lavington is a posh estate on the western side of Nairobi. It is a serene environment with high-end restaurants located within it.

Lavington is home to some of the best restaurants in Nairobi.  Many restaurants in the area offer delicious cuisine. 

With delicious food on the menu, most of these restaurants offer good service. We’ve done a review of some of the best restaurants in Lavington. The following guide explains Lavington restaurants.  Explore your nearby restaurants.

Nana inkiri and steak wine House

Nana Inkiri Steak & Wine House is ideal for family or business gatherings in Nairobi. The chefs carefully select quality meat for their menu.

Rich, abundant dishes pair perfectly with an impressive wine selection. An international menu caters to diverse cultures and tastes.

Inkiri restaurant

Additionally, Nana inkiri offers fast food and excellent breakfast. It is also vibrant and clean with a nice indoor arena. Find the best dinner at Nana inkiri.

La Tasca

La Tasca Spanish Corner is a top destination for Spanish cuisine lovers in Nairobi. The warm and cozy wine & tapas bar is located at Lavington Mall. It offers an ultimate celebration of sherry, wine, and food.

La Tasca Restaurant

Inca Restaurant

The Inca Restaurant is in the Social House Nairobi. It serves as a distillation of Peru’s diverse culinary heritage on its rooftop.

Tokyo Restaurant

Since 2001, Tokyo has offered the best Japanese food in Nairobi. Its Lavington location features a curated space with a cozy interior design for colder days and a spacious outdoor area for sunny ones. The restaurant is the ideal place to savor delicious sushi with excellent company.

Tokyo Restaurant

In addition, they also offer Chinese food. With a beautiful cafe and grill, it is an ideal place to unwind.

This is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Nairobi. Besides, it has excellent rooms to hold a meeting. With a beautiful ambiance, it is one of the restaurants to visit in 2023. 

Le Palanka

Le Palanka, located in Lavington Nairobi, is a fine-dining restaurant that offers delectable African dishes. The menu features cuisine from Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, Cameroon, and Senegal. It’s the perfect place to savor African delicacies in the heart of the city.

Adega Restaurant

Adega Restaurant offers award-winning traditional Portuguese and European cuisine. It’s the only halal Portuguese restaurant in Kenya, making it a unique dining destination. Savor the flavors of Portugal and Europe at Adega.


Adega is a place to have a good lunch as you relax.

Kengele’s Lavington

Kengele’s Lavington serves classic international cuisine in a classy, rustic setting. Dine indoors or outdoors for a unique experience with a fun vibe. Enjoy the restaurant’s nice atmosphere in the leafy suburbs of Lavington. Visit kengeles for outdoor dining and good coffee.

Kengeles Restaurant

360 Degrees Restaurant

360 Degrees Artisan Pizza serves authentic Neapolitan pizza and Italian cuisine in a modern atmosphere. The upscale casual restaurant is located in the heart of Nairobi.


It offers a warm and lively dining experience. Enjoy delicious pizza and Italian dishes at 360 Degrees.

360 is a fine-dining restaurant with casual dining as part of its offer. Additionally, it is an ideal place for friends and family and business meetings too.

Mambo Italian Lavington

Mambo Italian Restaurant is on James Gichuru Road in Lavington curve. They serve authentic Italian and European cuisine, including delicious pizza. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a wholesome meal with loved ones. 

Big Square Lavington

Big Square Lavington is a casual restaurant that serves SQUARE-MADE burgers and fried chicken. They also have BBQ ribs, beer, and tasty desserts with hand-spun shakes.

Big square Restaurant