Review of BusyCal Calendar: A Comprehensive Analysis

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A customizable and reliable calendar application. This is used by business professionals to help manage their calendar schedule, an alternative is Fantastical 3.

It is renowned as one of the best calendar apps available, including integration with iCloud.

Busycal displays your schedule and tasks in a user-friendly interface.


For a reliable calendar app, choose Busycal to stay organized and on track.

When paired with BusyContacts, Busycal provides a seamless experience for managing your contacts and calendar.

Busycal is a powerful macos calendar app designed to help you stay organized and productive

With Busycal for iOS, you can access and manage your calendar on the go.

Busycal supports fastmail integration, ensuring you stay updated on important events and notifications.

Busycal Calendar seamlessly syncs with Google Calendar, keeping all your events in one place.

The Info Panel in the Busycal calendar provides a convenient overview of your upcoming events and tasks. 



  • Multiple Views
  • Integrated Tasks
  • Smart Filters


  • Limited Devices

BusyCal Key Features

Multiple Views

You can easily navigate your calendar events using different views: year view, month view, and weekly view. Additionally, you have the option to view all events in a convenient list format. Stay organized and keep track of your schedule with these versatile calendar views.

Integrated Tasks

With task integration, your calendar ensures that you stay on top of all your commitments. Seamlessly managing tasks alongside your schedule helps you stay organized and never miss a thing. Enjoy the convenience of having your tasks integrated directly into your calendar view.

Integrate Busycal with Office 365 for a comprehensive and efficient calendar solution.

Take advantage of Busycal’s time-saving features to streamline your scheduling and productivity.

Smart Filters

Effortlessly format your calendars using smart filters, allowing for quick and easy customization. Additionally, utilize filters to create sets of calendars tailored to your specific needs. With these filter options, you can efficiently manage and organize your calendars with just a few clicks.

What is BusyCal?

These are some key features of BusyCal:

  • Ability to set recurring events and tasks
  • Natural language input for creating events and tasks
  • Customizable views (day, week, month, year, and list view)
  • Availability and scheduling assistant to find mutually convenient meeting times
  • Weather forecast display for upcoming events
  • Integration with popular task management apps like Todoist and Things
  • Time zone support for scheduling events in different time zones
  • Customizable event and task categories and tags
  • Support for multiple calendars and calendar sets
  • Search functionality to find events and tasks quickly
  • Smart filters to show specific types of events and tasks
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation and entry of events tasks

Best Suited For?

Busycal is a powerful and customizable calendar app ideal for Mac users managing schedules and tasks.

Busycal is ideal for professionals handling multiple calendars and scheduling appointments with others. It also offers features helpful for users who prefer natural language input for events and tasks.

Utilize Busycal’s support for CalDAV to sync your calendar across multiple devices and platforms.

Set a reminder easily with Busycal, ensuring you never miss an important appointment.