Enchanting Calendar: Experience the Magic Behind The Magical Calendar App

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An AI calendar app for creating fast meeting notes and booking meetings.

Customize your meeting preferences effortlessly with the Magical Calendar app’s intuitive interface.

Experience the power of the Magical Calendar app, your essential tool for seamless meeting organization.

The Magical Calendar app prioritizes user privacy, providing secure and confidential meeting management.

Partner in time with the Magical Calendar app to optimize your productivity and efficiency.



  • Scheduling
  • Notion Notes
  • Chrome Tab


  • Chrome Only

Magical Key Features


Utilizing an efficient AI feature, your meetings will be intelligently scheduled to perfectly work with your calendar.

Through the magical app, users can schedule meetings easily.

With just a click, the Magical Calendar can simplify your scheduling and time management.

Meet Magical, your assistant for efficient time management and scheduling.

Notion Notes

Magical’s integration with Notion makes taking meeting notes a breeze, showcasing its true potential as the go-to platform for seamless note-taking.

Chrome Tab

Once installed, it seamlessly appears as the new tab page in Google Chrome, offering convenient and quick access from any webpage.

What is Magical?

Magical streamlines meeting management in your browser with smart scheduling. Access all meeting essentials effortlessly using keyboard shortcuts and AI capabilities. Simplify meeting creation, scheduling, and organization at your fingertips.

Seamlessly integrate Magical with Zoom, Google Meet, and Notion for effortless sharing of notes, agendas, and more.

An ideal meeting solution for busy professionals seeking efficient scheduling and streamlined processes.

The Magical Calendar app prioritizes user privacy, providing secure and confidential meeting management.

Boost your productivity with AI-generated meeting agendas, summaries, and suggested meeting times. Focus on important tasks with increased efficiency.

Key Features of Magical

Here are the latest features of Magical and what it offers:

  • Dynamic Availability: Easily suggest and share your preferred meeting schedule while enabling dynamic availability for others. Eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth emails.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Keep your hands on the keyboard with convenient shortcuts that streamline your meeting workflow.
  • Entirely in Browser Tabs: Enjoy the complete experience right in your browser’s new tab, eliminating the need for additional downloads. Seamlessly integrate with your existing browser for effortless access.
  • Automate with AI: Leverage numerous AI automation to enhance efficiency, speed, and ease throughout the entire meeting experience. Benefit from automated suggestions for meeting times, note-taking, and summarization.

Best Suited for?

Ideal for busy teams engaged in frequent online meetings. This application excels in meeting management.

Accelerate the process with AI taking charge of most tasks. Generate meeting schedules, agendas, and summaries effortlessly.

As a developer, I rely on the Magical Calendar app to enhance my time management skills.

Access everything you need in a single browser tab, eliminating the need for multiple applications. Enjoy a seamless and convenient meeting experience at your fingertips.

Our startup relies on the Magical Calendar app to efficiently plan and coordinate meetings.

Download Magical, the ultimate calendar app, and revolutionize your time management.