Qatalog: Empowering Project Management Excellence

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A more traditional project management application with a modern AI takes – combatting the AI evolutions from Coda and Notion.

Qatalog is a versatile project management tool that rivals the capabilities of Asana and Trello.

In 2023, Qatalog emerged as a leading work hub and project management solution for businesses of all sizes.

Project management software plays a vital role in organizing and coordinating tasks within teams. And one notable tool in this domain is Qatalog, a comprehensive project management tool

Qatalog, is a highly efficient project management software. It offers a comprehensive solution for organizing and coordinating projects.



  • Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Centralized Workspace


  • Sometimes Slow

Qatalog Key Features


Maximize your team’s collaboration potential within Qatalog through seamless utilization of real-time collaboration, commenting, and mentioning capabilities.

With Qatalog, teams can effortlessly collaborate, streamline their workflows, and achieve remarkable productivity.  

The integration of Qatalog with popular tools like Figma enhances the seamless collaboration experience. This allows teams to seamlessly connect design and project management. 

Project Management

With Qatalog, you have everything necessary to effectively manage projects and tasks. Harness the power of AI to customize a system that suits your needs seamlessly.

 With the Qatalog project management tool, you can easily track project updates in real time. This ensures everyone stays informed and aligned throughout the entire process.

The Qatalog blog is a valuable resource for project management professionals. It offers insightful articles and tips for efficient team collaboration.

Centralized Workspace

By consolidating all essential elements in a centralized workspace, you not only save valuable time but also provide your team with a solid foundation to access everything they require.

What is Qatalog?

Qatalog serves as a project management tool. It facilitates task organization, assignment, and progress tracking for teams.

Qatalog offers a calendar feature for deadline management. This is an intuitive design for streamlined project management and collaboration.

Qatalog’s introduction of AI brings a new workspace organization approach. This marks an intriguing advancement in productivity and project management.

Key Features of Qatalog

  • Create recurring tasks easily and quickly
  • Customize and organize tasks with categories and tags
  • Create checklists, add files, and embed content to tasks
  • Create tasks from emails, links, and notes
  • Add team members to your tasks, assign roles and responsibilities
  • Easily prioritize tasks and view the progress of your team
  • Automatically sync your tasks and calendar
  • Get notifications and reminders for upcoming deadlines
  • Add tasks quickly with natural language processing

Additional Information

AI Abilities

Qatalog uses AI to help you and the rest of your team work together effectively and concurrently.

  • Smart Notifications: Qatalogs uses Ai to get user preferences and provide reliable notifications.
  • Smart Search: Qatalog’s search function uses AI to get the idea behind user queries and provide comprehensive results.
  • Predictive Analytics: Qatalog works with machine algorithms to provide proper analytics and insights into the team’s performance and the journey of the project
  • Natural Language Processing: Qatalog’s chatbot utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to comprehend user inquiries and offer pertinent information or support.
  • Intelligent Task Assignment: Qatalog leverages AI to allocate tasks to the most suitable team member considering workload, skills, and availability

Best Suited For?

Qatalog is versatile and suitable for various types of teamwork, including remote, small, and project-based teams. It enables you to discover or create a workspace tailored to your business and professional requirements. However, fine-tuning the optimal setup may require some skillful adjustments.

With Qatalog software, you can effectively manage and coordinate project work, ensuring tasks are assigned and tracked efficiently.