In-Depth Analysis: Vimcal Calendar Reviewed

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Improve your time management with these Calendar recommendations. Discover the ideal app that suits your planning and organizing requirements.

Calendar Apps: How They Work?

Calendar applications are perfect for managing your meetings, events, and time.

In recent years, their popularity has soared as they offer conferencing features, enabling effortless creation and joining of meetings.

Select the ideal calendar app that aligns with your specific needs and practicalities. It’s crucial to ensure the right fit.

Many people see the calendar app as the home of their time. They use it for scheduling their tasks.

Best Calendar Apps for 2023

Vimcal Calendar

Vimcal simplifies remote collaboration by allowing users to schedule and manage meetings effortlessly.

Experience the fastest calendar management with Vimcal, enabling efficient scheduling and organization.

Similarly, you can effortlessly manage time zone with Vimcal. This ensures availability and coordination across different regions.

 Additionally, it streamlines the process of checking team members’ availability and finding an open slot for members.

The design of Vimcal’s interface is user-friendly and visually appealing, enhancing the overall user experience.

Vimcal provides the option to link relevant documents or resources directly to calendar events.



  • Collaboration
  • Super-Fast
  • Event Planning


  • Expensive for Calendar

Vimcal Calendar Key Features


Vimcal allows users to collaborate on many events and schedules by sharing their calendars with others and inviting them to add or edit events.


Vimcal’s cloud-based architecture ensures fast and responsive performance on all devices and platforms.

Event Planning

Vimcal provides users with advanced event planning features, including custom event fields, recurring events, and reminders. This makes event planning and management effortless.

What is Vimcal Calendar?

Vimcal wants to be your superfast calendar application.

Vimcal, similar to Superhuman for email, provides a faster calendar management experience. It appeals to solo users who spend ample time in events, meetings, and booking activities.

Vimcal offers quicker event creation, seamless sharing of booking times, and many other features. Despite being a small team, they are expanding to meet the increasing demand for a faster calendar experience.

What Makes Vimcal Great?

Some of the killer calendar features inside Vimcal:

  • Offers feature such as color coding, event filtering, and reminders
  • Supports various calendar formats such as iCalendar and Google Calendar
  • Lightweight and simple command application-line calendar application 
  • Highly customizable with many configurations of applications
  • Vimcal integrates well with other command-line tools to enhance productivity
  • Allows viewing, creating, and managing events and appointments from the terminal

Vimcal’s iOS App: Exploration

Vimcal is currently offered on Mac, ios, and Windows.

Other Calendar Abilities

Vimcal empowers users with diverse calendar functionalities for efficient schedule management and organization. Users can effortlessly access their calendar by day, week, or month while utilizing keyboard shortcuts for seamless date navigation.

Vimcal enables recurring events, simplifying the setup of regularly repeating events. Users can color-code events for quick recognition and filter events by category or search using keywords.

Vimcal also provides reminders for upcoming events, which can be customized to suit the user’s preferences.

Who is Vimcal Best For?

Vimcal caters to users seeking a lightweight and customizable calendar management tool. It is particularly suitable for individuals with busy work schedules. This provides a straightforward and efficient way to stay organized.

For individuals who consider their calendar the foundation of productivity, this tool stands out. Many users make it their starting point when beginning their workday. While Vimcal’s paid options may be slightly more expensive, its overall quality and efficient event handling make it worth considering.