Rise Calendar App Review: A Comprehensive Analysis

Discover a next-generation calendar with time-blocking and collaborative planning features, backed by investor Stewart Butterfield.

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  • Focus
  • AI Assist 
  • Organization


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Rise Calendar Key Features


Achieve greater productivity by scheduling focused time for accomplishing tasks, promoting work/life balance.


Rise offers a user-friendly calendar app for seamless event planning and organization, ensuring a structured schedule.

AI Assist

Rise leverages AI assistance for improved task and event management, a growing feature in the app’s development.

What is Rise Calendar?

With a “smart schedule analyzer” that optimizes calendar usage, Rise is supported by Stewart Butterfield of Slack and has secured $3M in funding for their venture.

Set your preferred default settings in the Rise Calendar app to personalize your scheduling experience.

Rise Calendar is the rising star among calendar applications, prioritizing “what’s important.” While it bears a resemblance to Cron at first glance, its standout feature is the focus time functionality, enhancing time utilization.

Key Features of Rise Calendar

The following are the key features of the Rise Calendar:

  • Automatically synchronizes with Google Calendar
  • Focus Time offers a superior approach to differentiate between meeting times and deep work time.
  • Easily share and invite guests to your events.
  • It has a built-in feature for collaboration with guest
  • Provides several customization options for events. This includes backgrounds and colors
  • It has an Ai Google powered Assistant to help work on events and tasks
  • Provides integrations with different apps and services, such as Gmail and Slack
  • Booking Assistant is a booking tool with a command bar interface, enabling you to plan meetings using natural language.
  • It can share and invite guests to events
  • It provides a drag-and-drop editor for the creation of tasks and events

Create a Rise Calendar app account to unlock additional features and personalized settings.

The team at Rise Calendar app is dedicated to continuously improving the user experience.

The user interface of the Rise Calendar app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate.

Best Suited For

Rise Calendar is ideal for effective day management, enabling focus and task completion.

Simplify your busy schedule with Rise Calendar, balancing productivity and focus effortlessly.

Easily edit event details and adjust your schedule using the intuitive interface of the Rise Calendar app.

Users can utilize the block feature in the Rise Calendar app to create dedicated time for necessary tasks

A user can easily schedule a meeting using the Rise Calendar app.

Submit a request to the Rise Calendar app support team for assistance or feature suggestions.