Tana Note-taking App Review. A Deeper Dive

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Tana is a note-taking app. It combines note-taking, task management, and pkm. It is comparable to obsidian and loqset.

Tana is an innovative note-taking app that offers a range of features to enhance your productivity and organization.

Unlike Notion, Tana offers a seamless and intuitive node-based structure for efficient note organization.

If you’ve been using a different note-taking app and are looking for a change, switching to Tana can revolutionize the way you organize and access your notes.



  • Connected Notes
  • Everything You Need
  • Focus


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Tana Key Features

Utilize Tana’s daily note feature to create a dedicated space for capturing your daily thoughts and activities.

Connected Notes

Organize your notes effortlessly using filters and tags, ensuring seamless connectivity and searchability.

Everything You Need

Tana is the all-in-one solution for your notes, tasks, projects, and collaboration needs.

Experience the power of Tana as the ultimate application for all your organizational and collaborative requirements.

The search functionality in Tana is robust, allowing you to effortlessly locate specific notes or keywords within your entire collection.


Tana provides a dedicated space to gather all the information you need for tasks, projects, and thoughts.

Experience a focused and consolidated environment in Tana, where your tasks, projects, and thoughts come together.

What is Tana?

Tana is a note-taking and personal knowledge management (PKM) application designed to help users capture, organize, and share their ideas and information.

Discover a diverse array of features in the app, including rich text editing, organization tools, collaboration, PKM capabilities, and secure end-to-end encryption.

Experience a feature-rich app that encompasses rich text editing, organization tools, collaboration features, PKM functionality, and robust security with end-to-end encryption.

Experience a versatile app with rich text editing, organization tools, collaboration, PKM features, and secure encryption.

Unlock a world of possibilities with the app’s rich text editing. organization tools, collaboration capabilities, PKM features, and robust security measures.

With Tana Notes, users can format their notes with bold, italic, and underlined text, and add images, links, and tables.

Effortlessly organize notes with notebooks and tags, collaborate in real-time, and utilize PKM features like a knowledge graph and task manager.

Enhance information management with note sharing, real-time collaboration, and PKM tools like a knowledge graph and daily planner.

Tana Notes is a versatile app for individuals and teams, enabling organization and productivity with secure information management.

Experience comprehensive organization and enhanced productivity with Tana Notes, the secure app for individuals and teams.

Key Features of Tana

The following are the key features;

  • Organization tools that enable users to create notebooks and tags for categorizing and finding notes.
  • It has personal knowledge management (features) such as a knowledge graph, daily planner, and task manager
  • It integrates editing tools such as italic, bold, and underlined text. Similarly, it has the ability to add images, links, and tables
  •  It has the ability to access notes from several devices, including desktops and mobiles.
  • Has a clean and intuitive user-friendly interface.
  • Collaboration features that allow users to share notes and collaborate in good time.
  • It has end-to-end encryption for data security and privacy

Supertags in Tana allow you to categorize your notes with precision and easily find them later.

The Tana app’s database is designed to handle a vast amount of information, ensuring that you can store countless notes without worrying about storage limitations.

Supertag in Tana makes it a breeze to connect related notes, creating a web of information that is easily navigable and highly interconnected.

Best Suited For

With rich text editing, organization tools, collaboration, PKM features, and end-to-end encryption, the app is perfect for individuals or teams. Stay organized, boost productivity, and keep your data secure with this ideal tool. Enjoy a seamless experience that prioritizes organization, productivity, and data security.

Tana presents a sophisticated interface that may require advanced skills similar to Roam Research. 

Streamline your note-taking process with customizable templates available in the Tana app.

Experience a productive workspace with Tana, enabling seamless collaboration and organization of your notes.

However, the app provides helpful tutorial videos created by its team to aid in learning. Explore the extensive tutorial resources offered by the Tana team for mastering the application’s intricacies.