Smart Ways to Download Any Video from the Internet

Just like hundreds and thousands of people in the world, you might have also attempted to download a video from the internet. If we are allowed to stream a video over the web or download it on our device, then most of us will prefer the latter option. It’s because watching videos online comes with multiple hassles; to utilize this option, one needs to have a stable internet connection and access the web source whenever one needs to watch a video.

 In addition, if your desired video is just available at a single web source and it gets down for some technical reasons, then you’ll have no option except to wait.

You can rescue yourself from this nuisance and watch your desired videos whenever you want by simply downloading them on your device. 

We are here with this blog to highlight different ways that can be followed to download any video from the internet.

Continue reading it till the end to find a way to suit you in the video downloading process.

Download a Software Program

You can install a video download software program on your desktop or laptop to save any video from the internet. This software provides users with a quick and easy way to download videos from popular video streaming platforms like Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, etc. Depending upon the software you have chosen, it may even allow you to select a format and quality of the video to help you download it the way you want. 

However, it’s essential to know that video-downloading software isn’t always free. If you want to opt for this option, you may have to pay a subscription or license fee to use it for a certain time. Several video-downloading software programs have built-in screen recorders, video editors, and converters. They can allow you to download videos of up to 8K quality from various websites over the web.

Access a Web-Based Video Downloader

One of the best ways to download any video from the internet is by accessing an online video downloader. This tool is simply accessible over the web for both desktop and smartphone users. You can download any video you want in HD quality on your device using an online video downloader. The users aren’t charged a single penny for downloading videos from the internet. It doesn’t ask them to go through any intricate procedures to execute this task. The video downloader just asks the users to submit the URL of the video they wish to download. Once the link is entered, it processes their request and transfers the file to their device’s storage in a matter of seconds. 

A web-based video downloader can help you get high-quality videos you can enjoy watching whenever you want and share wherever you like!

Use a Browser Extension

Besides downloading a software program or accessing a web-based utility, you can run a browser extension to save your desired video from the internet. The browser extension for downloading videos can save you from the hassle of copying the video link and pasting it into the tool or software. 

With a video downloader browser extension, you can simply hit its icon while being on the page that contains your desired video. By clicking this icon, you’ll be directed to the video download option. If you are specifically looking forward to downloading videos from a certain video-streaming platform, then you can also get a browser extension that entertains this request.

However, it’s essential to find a suitable extension that works best with your browser. We recommend this because some extensions may work exceptionally well on Firefox but create an issue on Chrome and vice versa.

Get a Mobile App

Smartphone users might think there is no specific smart way to download videos from the internet. You don’t need to worry, as you can install a mobile application on your device. 

The iOS and Android users can both get an app from App Store and Play Store, respectively, to download their desired videos. Some video downloading applications even allow you to specify the size of videos in MBs before saving them from utilizing space on your smartphone as per your requirements. 

Besides allowing you to download videos from the internet, a mobile app can also help you in editing videos. Some apps may even allow you to download videos in different formats. You can also fetch the sound of your favourite video by downloading it in MP3 format.


In the last analysis, you can follow any of the 4 smart ways discussed above to download any video from the internet at your convenience. Downloading videos on your device don’t have to be a problem when you have so many options available to execute this task. Streaming videos online isn’t possible all the time; therefore, by selecting one of the given ways to download videos, you can watch your desired video content whenever you want!