Lenovo Yoga 7i 14 Gen 7 (2022) Review

Unleash Your Potential with the Lenovo Yoga 7i 14 Gen 7 (2022)

Lenovo pioneered the innovative convertible 2-in-1 design with a 360-degree swiveling display. The Yoga 7i and Yoga 9i, now in their seventh generation, represent the latest evolution of this lineup. These models are highly regarded for their impressive features and sleek redesign.



  • Excellent battery life
  • Solid build quality
  • Vibrant display with deep blacks


  • Creativity performance is lacking
  • The active pen is supported but included

The Lenovo Yoga 7i 14 boasts impressive specifications, including 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

With its generous storage capacity and speedy SSD, the Lenovo Yoga 7i 14 ensures fast and efficient data access.

Seamlessly switch to tablet mode on the Lenovo Yoga 7i 14 for a more immersive experience.

Similarly, experience the power of the 12th gen processors in the 2021 lineup of Lenovo Yoga laptops.

The Lenovo Yoga 7 offers a versatile and reliable computing experience, designed for everyday use.

The Lenovo Yoga 7 similar to the Yoga 9i is a premium laptop that combines cutting-edge features with exceptional craftsmanship.

Equipped with the latest 11th gen processors, the Yoga 7i 14 and Yoga 9i 14 deliver exceptional speed and efficiency.

Configurations and Price

The Yoga 7i Gen 7 offers a starting price of $880, including a 14-inch 2.2K IPS display. The current high-end model, priced at $1,110, also features a 14-inch 2.2K IPS display. These prices are reduced from the retail price listed on Lenovo.com, making them highly appealing. Watch for an upcoming option with a 2.8K OLED Yoga 7i Gen 7 display.

If you’re looking for laptops in a similar price range, consider the Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 7420, Acer Swift 3 (2022), and HP Pavilion Plus 14. The latter two models feature the faster Core i7-1260P CPU, and the HP option even offers a 90Hz OLED display at $1,000.


Lenovo knows that a laptop can stand out without flashy elements. The Yoga 7i Gen 7 exemplifies this with its sleek angles, lines, and curves. Its redesigned features, including rounded chassis edges and sharp display edges, echo the elegance of the Yoga 9i Gen 7. Available in understated Storm Grey and Stone Blue colors, it exudes a sophisticated charm.

While many laptops aim for minimalism, the Yoga 7i Gen 7 truly excels in this regard. However, HP’s Spectre x360 13.5 is another standout, boasting a rounded design and a unique color scheme that enhances its elegant aesthetic.

Lenovo has crafted the Yoga 7i Gen 7 entirely from aluminum, ensuring a premium build quality. Its sturdy construction rivals top contenders like the Yoga 9i Gen 7 and the Dell XPS 15, with zero bending or flexing in the lid, keyboard deck, or chassis bottom.

In comparison, both the Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 and the Acer Swift 3 (2022) fall short in terms of solid construction. Additionally, the one-handed opening and secure hinge allow for confident use in all four modes: clamshell, tent, media, and tablet.

The Yoga 7i Gen 7 impresses with its 16:10 display and slim bezels, resulting in a compact chassis measuring only 0.68 inches thick and weighing a mere 3.1 pounds. While the Yoga 9i Gen 7 is slightly wider and deeper, it compensates with a thinner profile at 0.6 inches and a similar weight of 3.09 pounds.


The Yoga 7i Gen 7 offers reliable connectivity, featuring two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support, a USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 port, a full-size HDMI 2.0 port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a microSD card reader. Additionally, it supports Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, providing high-speed wireless connectivity.

With the convenience of two Thunderbolt 4 ports, the Yoga 7i 14 offers versatile connectivity options.

Expand your storage options conveniently with the microSD card slot built into the Yoga 7i 14.


In my review unit, the Yoga 7i Gen 7 is equipped with a 15-watt, 10-core Core i7-1255U CPU, designed for thin and light laptops and everyday productivity. Typically, similar machines feature the 28-watt, 12-core Core i7-1260P CPU. Interestingly, the Yoga 7i Gen 7 is the second laptop we’ve tested with the Core i7-1255U, and there appears to be a noticeable performance gap between the two CPUs.

Among the laptops in our database featuring the 15-watt CPU, the Yoga 7i Gen 7 and Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 showed comparable performance, except in Geekbench 5, where the Lenovo model demonstrated significant speed advantages. 

While the Core i7-1255U outperforms Intel’s 11th-gen 28-watt CPUs like the Core i7-1185G7, it falls short for content creators. The Yoga 7i Gen 7 excels in demanding productivity tasks, yet its performance might not satisfy creators. However, the lower power consumption of the processor is likely to yield impressive battery life, making it a reasonable trade-off.

As expected, Intel’s Iris Xe graphics on the Yoga 7i Gen 7 offer predictable gaming performance. While it performs admirably for a 15-watt chip, it falls short of being a dedicated gaming laptop. It is best suited for running older titles and esports games, with limitations on more demanding gaming experiences.

Powered by Intel, the Yoga 7i 14 delivers excellent performance and efficiency for seamless multitasking.

The Yoga 7i 14 excels in CPU performance, as showcased by its Cinebench R23 results.

The Lenovo Yoga 7i 14 delivers impressive performance as demonstrated by its PCMark 10 scores. Additionally, the 14-inch Yoga 7i combines portability with performance, making it an ideal choice for productivity.

The Lenovo Yoga 7i 14 features Intel Iris Xe graphics, delivering impressive visual performance.

Lenovo’s Yoga models, including the 14 and 16-inch variants, are known for their impressive performance and versatile design.

Display and Audio

The Yoga 7i Gen 7 will have two display options, with my review unit sporting the current 14-inch 2.2K IPS touch display. However, Lenovo has plans to introduce a 14-inch 2.8K OLED display in the future.

The colorimeter results aligned with my subjective evaluation, confirming the display’s quality. With a brightness level of 321 nits, it surpassed our 300-nit indoor use standard, although it fell slightly short compared to other displays in our comparison group.

In terms of color accuracy, it excelled, covering 99% of the sRGB color space and 80% of AdobeRGB, surpassing the average performance of mid-range and premium laptops, which typically achieve around 95% sRGB and 75% AdobeRGB.

Over the past few years, IPS displays have shown a positive trend, as evident here. The color accuracy of the Yoga 7i Gen 7 was commendable, with a DeltaE of 1.89, meeting the criteria of 2.0 or lower for creative work.

However, it slightly trailed behind some other IPS displays in this aspect. On the bright side, the contrast ratio excelled at 1380:1, surpassing our expectation of 1000:1 or better for premium laptops.

The aspect ratio of the Yoga 7i 14 provides a stunning visual experience with its wide display.

Additionally, experience vibrant and accurate colors on the Yoga 7i 14’s display, thanks to its wide color gamut.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Following Lenovo’s typical non-ThinkPad design, the Yoga 7i Gen 7 features a spacious keyboard with well-sculpted keycaps and optimal key spacing. The keys have a shallow switch and a sudden bottoming action.

It’s worth noting that Lenovo offers two variations of this keyboard, with one providing a snappier response and improved precision. However, the reviewed model did not showcase these characteristics.

Featuring a spacious design, the touchpad on the Yoga 7i Gen 7 boasts a smooth and comfortable surface, ensuring reliable support for Windows 11 multitouch gestures. The responsive buttons provide satisfying feedback, although they can be slightly noisy.

As expected from a 2-in-1, the touch-enabled display offers dependable performance, and it also supports Lenovo’s active pen functionality, although it was not included with the reviewed unit.

Security and webcam

Equipped with a high-quality 1080p infrared hybrid webcam, the Yoga 7i Gen 7 delivers exceptional image clarity in various lighting environments. Additionally, the webcam supports Windows 11 Hello facial recognition, enabling seamless passwordless login.

In addition, the palm rest of the Yoga 7i Gen 7 houses a convenient fingerprint reader for secure authentication. Both the fingerprint reader and webcam-based login methods perform efficiently and dependably. For enhanced privacy, the webcam includes a physical slider that allows you to cover the camera when not in use.

Battery Life

With a generous 71-watt-hours of battery capacity, the Yoga 7i Gen 7 offers ample power for a 14-inch laptop featuring a 15-watt CPU and a high-resolution IPS display. This capacity surpasses the smaller batteries commonly found in many recently reviewed 14-inch laptops, which often resulted in compromised battery life.

With a focus on both performance and battery life, the Yoga 7i 14 and Yoga 9i 14 are reliable choices for productivity and mobility.

The Yoga 7i Gen7 and Yoga 9i 14 boast impressive specifications, offering excellent performance and battery life.

According to our battery benchmarks, the Yoga 7i Gen 7 performed decently overall. It slightly underperformed in our web browsing test, which involves demanding websites, with a duration of seven hours. While this is slightly shorter than our preferred benchmark of eight hours or more for this test, it still offers respectable battery life.