In Spite of Legal Challenges, Flutterwave Makes Progress Towards Obtaining Kenyan Operating License

Flutterwave pushes forward despite legal hurdles, advancing towards securing Kenyan operating license. Stay updated on their determined journey.

Flutterwave Navigates Legal Landscape for Anticipated Kenyan Payments License

Flutterwave, a trailblazing fintech company, is gearing up for significant advancements in its operational landscape, driven by its strategic objectives to forge partnerships on the global stage and expand its market footprint. Amidst its ambitious endeavors, the company has been making commendable headway in its pursuit of obtaining a payments license in Kenya, a pivotal market within Africa.

Though various legal challenges have cast shadows on this trajectory, there are encouraging signals that Flutterwave, the continent’s most esteemed fintech entity, is on track to secure the coveted regulatory approval in Kenya.

Anticipation Grows for Kenyan Payments License
Progress marches onward as Flutterwave has successfully obtained name approval for its remittance venture, drawing closer to clinching a coveted money remittance license from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). While the exact timeline for this milestone remains shrouded in confidentiality, the prerogative to make this decision squarely resides within the purview of the CBK.

A Flutterwave spokesperson shared, “The CBK’s endorsement of our remittance business name is a promising start and a testament to our commitment in procuring a money remittance license. As for timelines, we defer to the CBK’s discretion. We are, nonetheless, actively engaged in dialogue with the CBK and hold a sanguine outlook on the progression.”

Optimism Abounds Amidst Legal Proceedings
The year 2022 witnessed the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) freezing a sum of $3 million linked to Flutterwave, alongside Hupesi Solutions and Adguru Technology Limited, on the grounds of suspected money laundering and fraud. Moreover, an additional $52.5 million was seized from Flutterwave and six other firms. While the initial lawsuit met its resolution in March of this year, the ARA’s attempt to retract its second case faced rejection. The court’s ruling underscored the necessity for the ARA’s decisions to be guided by the public interest and called attention to its pivotal role in countering corruption, financial impropriety, and money laundering. The withdrawal bid was thwarted due to a lack of justifications for the agency’s volte-face.

Nonetheless, this legal impasse appears unlikely to impede Flutterwave’s determined quest to obtain a license for operations in Kenya. Even in the wake of the name approval granted by the CBK, Flutterwave remains unfazed. “Presently, the court has issued directives to the ARA to fulfill the necessary steps in finalizing the withdrawal of the case against us. We maintain an optimistic stance regarding the ARA’s adherence to the court’s directives and the resolution of this matter. Regardless, our active cooperation with both the court and the ARA will persist to expedite a conclusion,” emphasized Flutterwave in correspondence with TechCabal.

As the fintech titan forges ahead, the unfolding saga underscores Flutterwave’s unwavering commitment and resilience in surmounting legal barriers on its trajectory towards securing an operational license in Kenya.