Money Monkey is a one-stop digital resource for financial tips and tricks. Money Monkey develops textual and audiovisual digital resources that can be used by individuals and small businesses to plan, organize, control, and monitor their finances; exploit market opportunities; and grow their wealth.

Money Monkey operates a cross-functional and flat organizational structure to ensure that teams can communicate with higher management without the inefficiencies of bureaucracy, while also fostering direct social links between employees.

Writing based on Search Intent

Our Readers, Our Listener, and our viewers.

We help our readers, listeners, and viewers to discover new industries, new markets, and new avenues of doing business that are more sustainable, inclusive, and innovative.

Businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs choose Money Monkey Africa because they can read, listen, and watch at the same time. Moreover, both our journalism and how we present it is different from the usual business media.

About the company

We create easy-to-read and easy-to-use editorial products.

We strive to find solutions to big African problems.

We focus on researched articles. But we complement it with videos and podcasts.

We focus on what is useful for entrepreneurs and folks who are interested in bettering themselves.

We’re fact-based and evidence-based.